Mobile Devices Cracked: 4 Ways To Unlock iPhone 7

Apple has made it an annual practice to release new models for consumers. Some people save up to get the latest iPhone in the market today. However, for a majority of customers, discarding their current smartphones for the updated, albeit, more expensive one just isn’t practical in this economy.

Fortunately, you won’t need to sacrifice the quality of performance since older models can still keep up with the new hardware. For instance, the iPhone 7 is an excellent choice for the budget-friendly consumer because it can run iOS 13, which is the latest software version so far. The device is also thinner and lighter than the newer models.

Because it’s already two-generations-old, your best bet may be to purchase a second-hand iPhone 7 or get hand-me-downs from your family or friends. One potential problem with this is that it might be locked with a network provider, which means that you can’t use your iPhone with any SIM card.

If you’re planning on buying one, here are four ways to unlock an iPhone 7:

Carrier Unlock

The most straightforward way to unlock an Apple phone is by contacting the carrier. However, the network provider can only comply with your request or application if the plan that’s associated with the device has already been completed.


Smartphone manufacturers typically install locks on the phone’s software to establish better business with telecommunication carriers. It helps increase both companies’ profits and branding if their products are exclusive to each other.

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You can easily ask your network provider to lift the restriction so that you can enjoy your phone using any SIM card you want. You just have to make sure that your account passes the requirements relative to the term and conditions on your contract. The process may be done for free or for a minimal charge.

IMEI Unlock

Another method of unlocking your iPhone 7 is through a third-party app. There are companies aside from Apple and the carrier that can lift the restrictions using the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number.

For instance, you can use to unlock your iPhone 7. You just need to find the IMEI number of your device by going to the General menu in the Settings, click on About, then scroll down to get the serial number. This information can also be found engraved on the phone’s SIM tray.

Enlisting the help of a third-party app is a quick and inexpensive way to unlock your iPhone 7. These companies work with Apple in whitelisting the device’s IMEI number in the manufacturer’s database. Hence, you shouldn’t worry about its legitimacy because the process is completely legal, official, and safe.

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Software Update

You can also unlock the phone yourself by resetting the phone into its factory settings. Be cautious about this method, though, especially if the smartphone is a hand-me-down from your parents or older siblings. They might still have some data that they want to back up on the cloud.

Another way to go about this process is to insert a SIM card from a different carrier. Make sure that your phone or SIM won’t ask for a PIN. Turn on the iPhone 7 and download an update for the restriction. If this doesn’t work, connect the device to your computer with iTunes and install the update from there.

You do have to ensure that the phone hasn’t been reported as stolen. You can easily determine this by using Find My iPhone before you do the software update.

Hardware Unlock

If you are confident about tinkering with the phone’s hardware and the methods above didn’t work, you can hardware unlock the iPhone. You can find tutorials online on how to unlock the device. Make sure, though, that you do your research well and have a decent understanding of electronics before you fiddle with the gadget.

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You can also hire someone to do this for you. However, remember that this process is very complicated and tricky. Moreover, if the endeavor doesn’t work, you’ll end up paying more to fix the issue since the warranty on your iPhone is automatically void.


The iPhone 7 continues to be a relatively decent model that can keep up with its newer counterparts. It’s thinner and lighter compared to the latest models, and you can enjoy iOS 13 on the device.

If you bought an iPhone 7 that’s network-locked, you can have the carrier lift the restrictions if the contract has been completed. Another way is by using a third-party app that unlocks the device through the IMEI number.

There’s also a DIY solution through software or hardware unlocking. However, be extra cautious when doing this because it might not work, and you may end up voiding the warranty on your device.

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