More girls must be encouraged to participate In ICT – GCNet

Students from Legacy Girls College recently paid an educational visit to Ghana Community Network Services Limited (GCNet) to get to know more and get used to its operations.

The aim of this trip project from GCNet is to help the government in their digitization journey.

The students learnt about methods which can help foster trade development, boost business competitiveness and improve ease of doing business as well as increase revenue mobilization and other learning methods which will benefit the country’s development. They also had the opportunity to tour around GCNet facilities.

They also got to learn about how important GCNet is in the development of the new terminal 3 project, which has helped in the transformation of the maritime industry in the West African sub-region.

The students and some able staffs of Legacy Girls College were graced with the presence of Akosua Asamoah, Human Resources Manager of GCNet, the increasing use of ICT will help empower women and help in the excess participation of girls especially underprivileged females into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) to overcome the phenomenon of gender stereotypes.

She continued by saying that, this initiative will help motivate girls to get more opportunities when they get to know more about it use and importance.


General Manager of GCNet, Alwin Hoegerle, also encouraged girls to make the learning of ICT a priority since the world now revolves around digital innovations. The students also expressed their gratitude for the opportunity given them and noted they felt fulfilled with the visit to gain practical insight and looked forward to more of such tours in the future.

Ministry of Communications here in Ghana has been leading a campaign with the aim of encouraging more girls to pursue a profession in the field of ICT to help bring more girls in the ICT sector.

GCNet has been recognized as the Trade Facilitation Organization and the pioneer Single Window operator for the past 17 years with the aim of helping in the digitization world and to make the country a digitized one to make work easier and more effective.

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