MTN Ghana: Launches MOMO Poultry Value Chain Network In Dormaa

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MTN Ghana has launched a programme at Dormaa Ahenkro in the Bono Region called MOMO Poultry Value Chain Network Programme with the aim of helping farmers make good use of MOMO in the poultry farm business.

Stake holders in the poultry farm industry in the Bono Region were engaged by MTN Ghana as they launch the MOMO Poultry Value Chain Network.

The launch of this project was led by the Acting General Manager for the Northern Ghana Business District for MTN, Mr Simon Amoh. He stated that, this initiation was set up with the sole aim of helping poultry farmers to have easy access to their poultry business money.

He said, “This is, of course, the first we are launching here that is not to say that we would not do it in other places. All other places would be covered. But the choice is here because from statistics we have, we understand that poultry farmers from this part of the country produce 50% of the eggs we consume in Ghana and it is thus a big catchment area to start with and roll on to other areas.”

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He also said the project was to make sure the entire value chain of the poultry farm business is covered and to ease the course of travelling long distances to paying for and buying products and services.

“The benefits are enormous, the entire value chain of the poultry system is covered, and they can buy feed, medication for the chicken and eggs. So within the value chain, mobile money plays a key role from [the] start to the end. It would save the farmers from having to travel long distances to pay for and buy.” He added.

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