Namibia introduces tech platform to facilitate travel

Namibia has collaborated with the African Union and the PanaBios Consortium to present another technological innovation that works to bring a smoother and bother-free journey, authorities said on Tuesday.

The Trusted Travel and Trusted Vaccines innovation gives secure, sealed and carefully irrefutable COVID-19 lab test results and immunization declarations.

In an explanation, Ministry of Health and Social Services Executive Director, Ben Nangombe, said following a long time of investigating and tension testing, it has redone the framework for Namibia and is presently in a situation to issue, confirm and check travelers’ COVID-19 immunization authentications.

“Travellers can enjoy the comfort and convenience of generating their authentic COVID-19 digital vaccination certificates online.

This notice serves to inform that, from 26th April 2022, the Trusted Vaccines platform is available to generate COVID-19 Digital Vaccination Certificates for persons who are fully vaccinated,” he said.

For a Digital Vaccination Certificate with a QR Code to be given, the platform is loaded with self-transfer feature, giving people tohe ability to transfer data and pictures of their Vaccination Cards and Passports/Travel reports for validation, he said.


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