Namibia To Issue Out Digital COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates.

Namibia’s Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS) will begin the distribution of the COVID-19 digitalized vaccination certificates in about two weeks, an administrative official said Tuesday.

This move by the Namibian government follows the new declaration by the South African government that voyagers to South Africa are expected to show proof of digital COVID-19 vaccination certificates for passage into the country.

“Namibia has so far implemented a Trusted Travel System to authenticate and verify travelers’ COVID-19 test result certificates. A module in the system, the Trusted Vaccines, is used to generate digital vaccination certificates for people who are fully vaccinated,” MoHSS Executive Director, Ben Nangombe said. He also added that the Trusted Vaccine module in the Trusted Travel System has been customized for only Namibia citizens.

“It is currently being refined to iron out glitches that were identified during the troubleshooting process before it is officially launched and operationalized,” Nangombe added.

Nangombe said Namibia in the meantime is in discussion with South African experts on conceivable interval measures to work with to allow travelers from Namibia into South Africa until the Trusted immunizations framework is carried out.

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“In the meantime, those who wish to travel to South Africa are advised to obtain negative PCR COVID-19 test results, as required by South Africa,” Nangombe said.


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