National Inspectorate Board to go Digital with School Inspections

The National Inspectorate Board of the Ministry of Education plans to undertake a periodic inspection of pre-tertiary private and public schools in Ghana with a different approach. That is, to switch from a manual inspection process to a digital data-analysis friendly approach.

The National Inspectorate Board under the direction of its new Executive Director, Dr Haggar Hilda Ampadu, after a review of its school inspections approach, has made school inspections technological and data analysis friendly.

The National Inspectorate Board (NIB) were used to the inspection of one school per week, using a team of 3 inspectors. With this approach, they can only inspect about 50 out of the about 48,000 pre-tertiary schools in Ghana per year.  This approach slows process and much decision making in the Education Sector on this is not really taken seriously due to its method.

But now, 2 inspectors inspect 4 schools per week whereby data is no more written on paper but rather recorded digitally on a tablet. A team of data analyst then analyze the taken data and then transcribe them into charts, graphs etc and together with the inspection narrative. With this approach, inspection data can be used promptly for decision making to improve learning outcomes.


New inspection approach of the NIB, The Inspection Evaluation Framework (IEF), aims on to compliance school’s performance with Ministry of Education requirements. Elements and indicators for evaluating these parameters are School Leadership, Lesson Observation, External Assessment Results, Curriculum and Planning, School Management and Resources.

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Devices and equipment’s needed for the collection of this data has been developed to collect data at the school level with ease of data entry and analysis for decision making.

The IEF has been used to inspect about 156 schools in the Greater Accra Region and Eastern Region for the first time and currently, inspection for another set of schools of about 186 is underway in the same Regions.

The IEF which is embedded in the Ghana National Revised Inspection Handbook 2019 has embedded the IEF and can both be found on their website ( Also, all School Level Reports, Termly Reports, as well as Annual Reports can also be found on the website.

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