All you need to know about the new WhatsApp Status

Whatsapp Status? Not the Old Status you knew. It’s 2017!

Whatsapp couldn’t buy Snapchat but it seems that will not prevent them from entering the image sharing market with their latest update.

Whatsapp is celebrating 8 years this week, and in Grand Style has re-invented the “status” feature in a way that Snapchat users will easily recognise. WhatsApp users are now able to share photos, videos and GIFs to all their contacts for 24 hours before disappearing. Just like Snapchat and Instagram, users can use emojis, draw on photos and add captions.

Anyone who is able to view the status on the app can then reply to it, starting a new WhatsApp conversation.

One way that WhatsApp has flaunted the feature is by maintaining that it also uses an end-to-end encryption, ensuring your updates remain private, unlike other apps (more specifically, Snapchat).

In a bid to ward off criticisms that the feature is a clone of Instagram, which in itself is a clone of Snapchat, WhatsApp has said in an announcement released earlier this week that the app began as a simplistic way to let people know what you were up to, even before it introduced the messaging feature now synonymous with the app.

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With this new update, a lot of people are expected to use Whatsapp in a more passive way (story telling) and do more that just pure messaging.

It is also possible this update will let advertisers deliver ads in the app.

How to do a WhatsApp status

  1. Open WhatsApp and select the Status tab.
  2. Tap on My Status.
  3. Take a new photo/video or select an existing photo/video.
  4. Edit your photo/video as you like using the emojis, drawing pen and text.
  5. Hit the Send button

Check out the Gallery Below on my First Impressions of the new feature.

I am personally sad the Old Status thing is no more. Do you have the feature yet? Have you tried it? Would you ditch Snapchat? Let’s hear you in the comment section below.

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