Online Sites To Acquire Relevant Skills For Your Next Job

In our 21st century, technology has advanced so much that the things that were difficult to acquire some years back can be acquired easily in our years and easier in the years ahead.

The internet is growing day by day and it’s been flooded with a lot of data to help our needs. I would say personally that the world without the internet would be a difficult place to live on my side.

Today, with the help of the internet, everything can be done virtually and remotely to receive the same result as done physically.

What I mean here is, today we can buy everything from the internet at the comfort of our home and get it delivered without hustle. Aint it easier? just like going to the market right? Oh yes!

At the same time, whatever skill you wish to learn, you can learn it virtually on the internet, and it’s just like being in school to learn anything of your choice. Amazed right?. Am not that yet.

Personally, I yearned to learn web and graphic design from infancy. With the help of the internet and online teaching educative sites, I learned these skills and I can emphatically say, I am a professional in the said skills.


Today, I am going to teach you some of the online sites you can learn the skill of your choice for your next job. Not just your next job but to be a pro in that skill.

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Sip a cool chilled water and lay back to enjoy this educative article.


The first site I will talk about is Udemy. Udemy was founded in May 2010, it is an American online learning platform., for both professional adults and students. Udemy has over 50 million students and 57,000 instructors.

Professional courses offered at Udemy in various industries are:

  • IT and Software
  • Business
  • IT certification
  • Design
  • Photography
  • Development
  • Marketing
  • Personal development and many more.

In fact, any skill you want to learn, you will get its course on Udemy. One of the best sites I will personally recommend to you. You can visit Udemy from


Next on my list is Lynda is also an American website that offers video courses by experts in software, creative and business skills. Lynda is said to be a subsidiary of LinkedIn.

It was founded by Lynda Weinman as and later acquired by LinkedIn in 2015. It is now known as LinkedIn learning.

Professional Courses offered at are:

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  • Software Development
  • Design
  • Business
  • Web Development
  • Photography
  • Marketting and many more

You can visit and learn any skill of your choice in the comfort of your home.


To add to the above is YouTube. Many people see YouTube as a place to watch music videos and movies only but trust me, YouTube is the best place to learn the skill of your choice. I personally have used YouTube to learn more skills in my choice.

Tutorials on Graphic design, Web design, Video editing, Coding, Web development, Ethical hacking and a lot more skills can be learnt on YouTube for free.

Maybe you might not have known, YouTube has everything for you. Now instead of watching a music clip, learn a skill you wish to learn on YouTube to make a difference. Just type in the skill of your choice and start learning.

Google Digital Skills

Lastly, Google. Apart from Google being a search engine, Google also is a great place for learning new skills. Google offers digital skills online to users who want to learn new skills.

They also provide certification after completion in most of their courses.

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Some courses offered are:

  • Data and Tech
  • Digital marketing
  • Career Development.

You can visit to learn any of the skills mentioned above.


In this age whereby it’s easier to learn everything, make use of the internet and some of these online learning sites to add/learn a new skill for your next job.

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