Online Study Platforms In Ghana, SHS Students Can use

Following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic, many things have had to change in our lives.

From the way, we transact businesses, to our healthcare delivery down to our religious lives and also education delivery.

Governments all over the world have tried to implement formidable ways of ensuring continuity of educational activities while schools are shut down to reduce the spread of the virus.

Prominent among the numerous strategies implemented in Ghana is the introduction of Elearning platforms for all levels of education, ranging from Basic school through to the University level.

In this article, we shall look at some Elearning platforms available for Senior High Students to use while they still remain at home, awaiting the full reopening of schools.

In this Article:


iCcampus Gh

This platform is an initiative of the Government of Ghana in easing the educational threats posed by the coronavirus to the Ghanaian student especially those in the Senior High School.

This platform is free for all students across the country and has lessons and resources covering all core subjects and some selected electives for various programs of study.

This platform also offers a virtual lab where students can actually have virtual practical lessons to understand some complex scientific lessons and topics.

Lessons come in the form of texts, images and videos which are playable at the student’s pace.

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At the end of every lesson, there are tests for students to test their understanding and what they’ve been able to achieve throughout the lesson.

You can check out the website via to register for an account and have access to your lessons.


Easyprep is an African E-learning platform for all students especially at the High School level who are willing to take their studies to the next level.

With Easyprep, you can learn all your favourite subjects with the numerous resources available at the disposal of students.

There are resources such as well-researched lesson notes, practical videos for easy understanding, custom google search to enable students to search for educational materials and information while still on the platform.

This platform also provides progress reports which present a summary of all lessons taken by a student on the platform, the quizzes and Tests taken as well as the scores of each of those Tests.

Easyprep also has solved past questions from previous years to enable students to solve likely examination questions related to various topics of study on the platform.

Students also have the opportunity to play educational games. This is to aid students in assimilating contents of lessons they have studied with ease.

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For all final year students preparing for their exams, this platform has something wonderful for you.

There’s a section of the platform where final year students can write Mock Examinations prepared by the managers of the platform in order to prepare final year students for their examinations.

You can visit their website via

You can call them via 0276779955


The final E-learning platform on this list is Wolo E-learning.

This is one of the most popular e-learning platforms in Ghana with lessons covering Senior High Schools and Vocational Institutions.

Wolo has full-length lessons covering the whole WAEC and GES Syllabus for General Science, Business and General Arts students. It also covers all core subjects for Senior High Students.

This platform presents all lessons in the form of videos which come with notes and quizzes.

Students hoping to take advantage of this should be assured that the contents on this platform are curated by some of the best teachers in some of the best Senior High Schools across the country.

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Also, Wolo provides tuition in skills training for students and workers who wish to learn economic skills that can make them marketable.

You can visit their website via or download their app on the google playstore from this link:

You can call them via 0302 904 810


It goes without saying that the Coronavirus pandemic has affected a lot of things and most of them may not change in a long time. Prominent among the things that have changed is the delivery of education.

Frankly, we cannot expect things to go back to normal anytime soon. As such, it is important for students to adopt the E-learning platforms available both from the government and private institutions to enable them to prepare adequately for their examinations and the future ahead.

I believe that the platforms discussed above are good enough to provide you with just as much educational information as you need.

If you have any comments, additions or reservations about this post, kindly let us know in the comment box or get in touch with us.

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