Other Search Engines Apart From Google And How They Work

We all have been using Google each and every day. With over 63, 000 searches per second and 3.6 billion searches per day. There is no doubt is it by far the most popular search engine.

With Google serving you the best search results, it comes with a cost of you sharing your personal data.

You might be wondering, I just made a Google search on ‘the best laptop to buy’ and then after reading through, you next visit any website and start seeing adverts about laptops displaying on the pages you have visited.

This is one of the things many people don’t like about the popular search engine as some believe it tracks your data definitely knows what you want and what you are next up to.

Maybe you have been wondering If there are other search engines that you can visit and make a search and at the end, get the same results like google.

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well, I am here to tell you there are other search engines that work and pull up results that are same like Google, and in this article, we are going to go through other Google alternatives and how they work.



Bing to me is the second most popular search engine. The search engine is owned by Microsoft and its results are more of visual results. It also offers Rewards when you shop or make a search that leads to buying things like movies and apps. With bing, you can filter your search results by date, region and language.


If you are that person who always seeks for online privacy, then DuckDuckGo is your number one stop. What this search engine focuses on providing privacy to its users.

With DuckDuckGo you will never be tracked anytime you make a search and it also has a clean interface and the results that always pull out after a search are results from Yahoo, Yandex and other popular search engines.

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Ecosia is also one search engine that does not track you or sell your data, what I love about this search engine is that they plant trees using the money they will get from text links ads and commissions.

The search engine says it takes 45 searches for you to help them plant one tree, so if you love nature then you definitely have to try using this awesome search engine as you not only get what you looking for, you also at the end help Ecosia plant one tree to help humanity and make a better environment for you and me. There is also a counter that let you know the searches you have made on the platform.

Cc Search

Cc search is a search engine that helps people who are looking for copyright-free images, videos and audios to reuse in your blog post, video, podcast and many more. The search engine will pull in search results from platforms like Flickr and SoundCloud and the best part is you will get the ones that have been tagged as Creative Commons.

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Well, Google might be the most popular search engine but that is not the only search engine we have. In this article, we went through other search engines and why you should try them.

Hope Ecosia is also your favourite search engine like it has become my favourite search engine?

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