Palmer-Buckle Urges Students To Be Masters Of Technology

The Archbishop of the Metropolitan Assembly of Cape Coast, The Most Reverend Charles Gabriel Palmer-Buckle, has sounded a warning to students in their addiction and misuse of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools.

He said ICT has its own pros and cons, which can lead to detrimental effects in as much as its of beneficial use in the industrial and educational sector.

According to World Health Organisation (WHO), internet addiction is a psycho-emotional and physical illness capable of creating dependence or the need for an activity related to information and communications technology.

Internet addiction is capable of leading to excessive texting, online gambling, compulsive web surfing, unrestricted video game playing, prolonged social media interaction, and watching pornography.

The Archbishop made these remarks in his speech at the 92nd speech day durbar of the St Augustine’s College in Cape Coast.

“Avoid addiction through its misuse to the detriment of your other human and psychological faculties, equally necessary if not more important for life. The dangers associated with the misuse of ICT are many but the good that can be derived from mastery and control of it is unfathomable,” he said.


He said the use of technology cannot be downplayed, especially in these pandemic days, which has forced schools to be open to the use of technology in teaching and learning.

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“In this light, a Catholic teacher is expected to teach not simply by disseminating information, scientific or technological, but by being himself or herself master and mirror through which students come to decern and desire what is true whether the truth takes the form of Chemistry, History or Literature.

“The classroom therefore should be a place of one-on-one conversation – an interpersonal encounter where we will employ technology wisely as a tool to enhance holistic formation and inclusiveness in education,” he stressed.

An old boy of the school, Mr. Kofi Adomakoh, who is also the managing director of GCB Bank PLC, made a request to the Ministry of Education, to extend the teaching and learning of ICT to the various schools across the country.

He indicated that even though the country could not completely do away with the current format of education, it needed technology to improve teaching and learning outcomes.

Mr. Adomakoh further called on stakeholders to invest in the training of teachers, who are at the core of education delivery, to bring them up to speed with technological trends.

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