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Password Manager Apps & Why To Use Them?

Several billion passwords have been stolen over the past year. This off-site data should bother everyone involved in the Internet. Different commissions analyze what happens to stolen credentials. After the stolen posts have been posted to the hacker forum, it only takes nine minutes before the first attempt to log in to your account. Because two of the three users use the same password for several services, a stolen key opens many doors at once. The above number also shows that passwords can now be stolen not only from individual users who are caught in a phishing message. Hackers have targeted large services, which promises them huge profits. More recently, the survey has averaged 20-30 password-protected accounts per user. Recent data says a lot more. The password manager, used for corporate purposes, stores an average of 191 passwords for business clients.

Password Manager is a secure solution for all users. The encrypted password database is stored in the service provider’s data centers. Password managers, like Keeper Password Manager & Digital Vault, provides you with dark web protection, secure and encrypted chat services, and it comes with different types of apps, for your desktop, web, or mobile. You can find out more about this tool here. This is the most convenient solution for the user, as passwords are used not only on a desktop computer but also on smartphones and tablets. In this case, you only need to enter a login password and a master password to initiate synchronization. However, such services require your trust in the service provider and your belief that your master password is inaccessible and that there is no way to access the database in any other way.

Password Manager security is based on the master password. Therefore, it is not clear to us why half of the participants in our testing accept even such elementary codes as “1234abcd”. This program requires more complex master passwords. It is equally important to protect your safe by other means. Embed special characters. You can add several special characters. Dual authentication. Be sure to enable two-factor authentication to further protect access to the password manager. Integrated into all good dispatchers, that is, in addition to the master password, you need to access another factor to access the repository. In this case, you can rest assured that even if the master password goes wrong with the database, access to it will still be closed. No matter what, the overall safety of the dispatcher is high. Not only do products save credentials, but they also create secure passwords, each has its integrated generator. Password Manager does the best job. Their generators cannot be overlooked, and besides, they visually display the length of the password.

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Password managers offer autofill credentials in the browser to enter the page. Here is the easiest way to copy and paste data into the appropriate fields. All solutions have a search function for fast data discovery. They allow you to integrate several databases, allowing the user, for example, to separate personal and work accounts. The Favorites feature is also very useful for displaying frequently used passwords, the information marked in this way is always at the top of the list.

Programs called password managers are generally divided into several major types, allowing you to perform many operations to create, save, and organize a wealth of personalized confidential information with a fairly high level of security. The uniqueness of such programs in recent years is increasingly reflected in the fact that some web resources on the hard disk of a computer do not store personal passwords, credit card access codes, or registration accounts.

Download Password Managers. Besides, they have several basic functions. Some password managers are designed to quickly create a password if you don’t want or have time to figure it out yourself.

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This type of program is the simplest and is based mainly on the principles on which the so-called random number generators operate. In some cases, if such password managers do not save access combinations in their database, and even more so if you did not write the password on a piece of paper or in an electronic notebook on time, forgetting it risks running out of access to a particular type of resource. Most commonly, this refers to usernames and passwords used when registering, for example, on social networks. It is clear that such password managers simply cannot generate passwords for bank cards or accounts, the exception being services such as virtual wallets or access codes to online store capabilities, which password managers sometimes offer to download.

When a person uses the Internet, over time, accounts appear on social networks, registering in forums, in online stores, in online banks. Along with them, the number of accounts on various resources increases, so that all passwords are stored and a password manager invented. The simplest version of this program is a notepad, someplace it in a password archive so that the text file with passwords is relatively secure and the text file will not be difficult to read even if passwords from an online bank were stored in it? Special password managers have been developed to keep passwords secure from prying eyes.

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They all work according to a similar algorithm, there is a database in which passwords are stored, most often in discontinuous form, and the shell is connected to the database in the form of a convenient interface, such an algorithm can be organized locally, that is on a single computer or over a network, a database. is located on the server and the user is connected through a web form or client program installed on the computer.

Take care of the passwords, watch who you share them with. Use a password manager to help you stay safe and secure. There are many people out there today who want to hurt you no matter how good you are with them. Use strong and complex passwords. Poor passwords will not help you stay safe and secure. Listen to the tips and use them.

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