Practice And Role-modeling Are Necessary For STEM Success – Vodafone CEO

The Chief Executive Officer of Vodafone Ghana, Patricia Obo-Nai, has encouraged girls to get involved in the study of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

She advised girls to avail themselves of regular internships and identify professional role models in order to gain maximum value from their education and attain career success.


Based on her speech, the study of STEM without hands-on experience such as internships is meaningless.

She averred that regular practice, as well as the right guidance and mentorship, are pre-requisites for successful STEM careers.

“While learning STEM, try to connect the classroom to the practical world in order to place your learnings into a real-world context. Personally, by being curious and taking a keen interest in internships, I learned a lot while in school” she stressed.

The Vodafone CEO said this at the mentorship program held by Vodafone Ghana and the Vodafone Ghana Foundation for women and girls in Tech and ICT from selected schools in Accra.

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The program also formed part of the Vodafone Ghana Foundation’s monthly ‘Birthday Stars’ project which seeks to execute monthly CSR projects tied to employees’ birthday celebrations.

The choice of Birthday Stars activity is also designed to allign with international days that mark specific United Nations’ (UN) Sustainable Development Goals within each month.


Consequently, the event for February 2021 focused on celebrating the ‘International Day of Women and Girls in Science’.

During her pep-talk with the event participants, the CEO of Vodafone added that it was important for STEM students to have shadow role models.

“For you to thrive in the area of STEM, there is the need for you to follow and observe a professional who works in your field of interest. It is one of the ways you can also gain more knowledge on what is required of you on your career path. So as you use your time to glean insights into careers you may be interested in pursuing, I also encourage that you find a role model, whose experiences and mistakes you can learn from”.

Patricia also assured that Vodafone Ghana will continue to be at the forefront of empowering women in STEM.

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“At Vodafone Ghana, we are deliberate about creating space for women to participate in STEM programs with a view towards changing the usual narrative and dynamics. We always try to bring in women from various Universities to do internships and join our engineering team to learn, she addressed”.

Vodafone Ghana Foundation Lead, Amaris Perbi buttressed Patricia’s assertion by enumerating a number of STEM-related women empowerment initiatives that the Foundation is currently championing, including the annual STEM Girls Camp and Female Engineering Student Sponsorship Programme (FESSP).

He emphasized that these interventions among others will enable women to have equal access to STEM programs and further advance the cause of gender equality.

The program hosted women and girls in Tech and ICT from Accra Technical University, Koforidua Technical School, GIMPA, University of Ghana, UPSA, St. John’s Grammar School, and Lancaster University.

Aside from interacting with the CEO of Vodafone and other successful women in STEM, the participants also received specialized training in Coding, Robotics, and Web Development.

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