Promotions Technology Companies Can Use To Attract Users During Coronavirus

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has become a new threat to this world, the virus which originated from China and has been spreading all over the world.

This has lead to countries going on lockdown and people are told to practice social distancing and follow the safety precautions given by our health professionals by washing our hands often with soap under running water, covering our nose when sneezing, wearing nose mask where ever we go and also avoiding touching our face with our hand.

Doing all these wills will help stop the rapid spreading of this pandemic virus and will also help reduce the rate of death that has been increasing.

Due to this virus, restaurants are empty, public gatherings are no more, big companies have instructed their workers to work from home. The economy is not like it used to be before this pandemic, as you might have heard this quote ‘we are not in our normal times’ and you all will agree with me that it is true.

So as a technology company or an online business you are also definitely going to be hit by this coronavirus as the sales won’t be like it used to be before.

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So How Do You Attract More Customers And Also Maintain Your Existing Customers?

The answer to this question is through promotions, that is why in this article I am going to take you through promotions technology companies can use to attract users during Coronavirus.

Reward Customers

As you already know, we are not in our normal times and as a technology company, you already know your customers, as you know people who always check out and where your traffic comes from.

To attract more customers you can offer a ‘buy two get one free’ promotion or you can decide to offer a free $10 Gift Card to anybody that will purchase items that are above $50. This kind of promotions is very common especially in online casinos worldwide. Many of them offer a no deposit bonus that keeps customers happy and encourages them to keep working with them.

This also helps you attract more customers as many people will love to purchase items from you because there is a gift after ordering for something you want and also getting a free reward in return.

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Giving Sample Of Products For Free

This also works in attracting customers, maybe you have a product that is a paid product, and you know in this era many countries are on lockdown which your customers might be from one of these countries and because of this, they might not be working and definitely, the rate at which they used to buy your products will reduce and some will even start looking for different places as they will be running low.

This is the time to prove to your customers you got their back and make them feel proud of doing business with you by offering some of your products for free. What will happen is that you will not only get to keep your customer but also your customer will decide to tell their friends, families and colleagues about your products and they would also want to try.

Social Media Giveaways

People have been feeling bored at home during this lockdown, thanks to social media we can chat and talk with our friends, know if they are also feeling okay and also get all that is happening in the world through social media.

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Now people are no more going out to buy products, so they are definitely ordering them online, many people are now more active on social media because that’s the only place to know the conditions about your loved ones.

As a technology company, if you want to attract more customers, you can start doing giveaways on social media. This includes telling people to share your page or product to a certain amount of people and then get one of your product for free, or make a post and the first 10 people to like, comment and share on your post will all receive one of your products each for free.


For a company to be successful depends on its customers, in this article we dived in Promotions technology companies can use to attract users during Coronavirus.

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