How to Protect Online Privacy In Ghana?

The realities of the increasing number of social media platforms in the digital age, the need for online privacy in Ghana has taken a new turn. It is now more difficult to prevent your information from leaking to other users, pop-up advertisements and the army or cybercriminals constantly on the prowl for unsuspecting victims. The dangers of identity theft stretch beyond the confines of the internet and can wreak serious havoc in many areas of your private life.

Your finances could be compromised and limitless public and private crimes committed in your name without your knowledge. Your location could also give internet spies an idea of where you are at any given time, and every bit of information is worth something to somebody. This lays a vicarious duty at your doorstep to take certain steps to ensure that your data, identity, and location are protected by all means at your disposal.

There are many ways to do this, and some of the very best ones are discussed below.

1. Using Virtual Private Network Service (VPNs)

A VPN is arguably one of the simplest ways to protect your online privacy in Ghana. It is a great way of masking your identity, location and your web traffic. The reality of surfing the internet is that your internet service provider (ISP) has all your information and can do whatever they like with it.

This means that you’re not accessing the internet through a secure channel and anyone who makes an effort to follow your digital footprint can monitor the websites you visit, what you do on those sites and how often you move from one webpage to the other. All this information gathering is possible because your IP address shows exactly where you are. This is why it is important to use a Virtual Private Network Service every time you go online.


It effectively shields your traffic by passing it through a protected route managed by the company providing the service. Consequently, the VPN service takes over your identity and hides your real IP address from the public. Any traffic generated by your online activity will look as if it originates from servers operated by the VPN service you have selected.

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This means that anyone trying to spy on you will get an avalanche of false information that cannot be used to harm you. On the African continent, virtual private networks are becoming more popular by the day with well-documented surveys helping immigrants with a secure guide for choosing a South African VPN in 2019. Because VPN services are located in many countries across the world, you might appear to be using the internet on another continent while you’re busy surfing the web in Ghana.

Setting up a virtual private network service is fairly simple. However, it might be tricky to use it on Android devices because of the risks associated with logging out of the app or switching off your mobile phone. There are a number of high-grade variants on the market that can be downloaded and used to screen your online activities. To use a VPN service:

  • Find a company that provides this service and register on their website to indicate interest. Some of them have applications that can be downloaded to your device to make it easier to use.
  • Once you download the application, log in with your assigned username and password to have access to your account.
  • After you log in successfully, the service routes your internet connection to a server close to your location. This is to ensure that your connection is not slowed down by the distance between your actual location and the virtual server.
  • Your online presence is now securely protected, and you can enjoy all the benefits of online privacy.
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2. Using an Ad Blocker

Advertisers place adverts on websites to increase their chances of obtaining revenue from internet users, but they also use this avenue to collect your data. With the rising volume of unsolicited ads that appear on the web at regular intervals, this can make sensitive information about you available to unknown companies that use the information to further their interests. Ad blockers prevent these random adverts from showing up while you’re using the internet thereby protecting you from potential identity theft.

Most ad blockers are programmed to use the recorded properties and qualities of rogue advertising servers to detect possible blacklisted adverts and shut them down before they have a chance to pop up on your screen. Despite the ad blocker’s efforts, some advertisements still find a way around it, but they cannot be visually seen and therefore have no chance of accessing your data.

However, a few ad blockers are based on experimental artificial intelligence and will attempt to let some safe adverts through their local firewall based on a quick assessment of its characteristics.

Two of the most used ad blockers are an Adblock plus and Unlock Origin.

3. Using Tor

An extremely effective way of protecting your online privacy in Ghana is by using the Tor software. It is essentially a browser that can be used on multiple operating systems to make you anonymous throughout your sessions on the internet technically. It is becoming incorporated as a plug-in on most popular browsers like Google Chrome due to its high degree of efficiency.

It operates using a unique mechanism that is constantly moving your online activity and traffic through a chain of linked networks located all over the world. This is made possible by a structured relay system run by the company’s army of operatives in multiple countries at the same time.

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This makes it virtually impossible to ascertain what you are doing on the internet at any point in time because you’re constantly moving around. Tor also takes it a step further by ensuring that you have an extra layer of protection.

Because no one knows the websites you’re visiting, it is extremely difficult to track your movement. However, it is still possible for your information to leak through these websites. This software leaves nothing to chance by preventing the sites from having access to your IP address which means they don’t know your real location. This has the added advantage of allowing you to use websites that are not open to users from your country or region.

With Tor, you basically do not exist. It is widely regarded as one of the best ways to protect your online privacy in Ghana and with a couple of unique features, it is easy to see why.

Online privacy is one of the necessities of the digital age, and despite the creation of new social media channels encouraging people in Ghana to display their private lives and connect with new people, there are potential dangers associated with accessing the internet through conventional internet service providers.

The myriad of available tools for protecting online privacy makes it easy for you to take responsibility for your activities on the internet and any consequences you incur as a result. A combination of these tools will help you protect your information and prevent any unauthorized leaks that can compromise any part of your life.

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