Relationship Advice: How to Deal with A Moody Partner

When your partner tends to be moody, it can spoil the whole atmosphere. Their mood swings can come unexpectedly. In one second your partner may feel happy, but in the next second, they will show negative emotions without any reason why.

The biggest question is, how can you deal with a moody partner?

Keep on reading below, to know what you can do to better deal with a moody partner.

Identify the reasons

Regardless of how unpredictable a person’s mood swings are, there must be a trigger. Whether it’s external factors such as situations that don’t match expectations, mistakes that are made, or internal factors such as having problems that they don’t speak about.

To deal with their mood swing, it is important to be able to identify the reasons why your partner is experiencing mood swings. This way, it will be easier for you to understand why your partner’s mood turns sour. You can even ask your partner what happened. Asking is a sign of concern and shows that you want to help him and be a good listener.

Try to uplift their mood

While a moody partner can be annoying, it usually doesn’t last long. You can try to uplift their mood by injecting humor to make the situation calmer. But it is important to make sure the humor that you delivered is appropriate and doesn’t make the situation worsen. Crack a joke that can manage to make both of you laugh.

No confrontation

Having a confrontation by scolding your partner when they are in a bad mood will only make the situation worsen. Confrontation will only make your partner feel like he was being accused and blamed. This can create a whole new conflict that may drag on. If there is a need for confrontation, pick a good time where it is best to discuss the issue between the two of you.

Notice the pattern

When two people are in a relationship, they will be used to each other’s traits. Thus, your partner’s mood swing patterns will also be more noticeable as well. You should be more perceptive in seeing the signs and patterns. For example, some people need to have their alone time or be listened to. If they don’t get this, they tend to get angry and feel abandoned.

To avoid this, you should pay attention to the existing patterns to be better informed when your partner’s mood starts to dwindle. Indeed, this cannot be recognized immediately in one or two attempts. But over time, couples who already know each other closely can be more aware of the signals.

Don’t get provoked

When your partner is in a bad mood, their behavior can be unpredictable. Some can be very expressive in showing their anger, while some will prefer to be radio silent and reluctant to start any communication. This behavior might make you feel angry as a result too. 

But remember, you should not be provoked. Don’t let your partner’s mood swing behavior bring you to the same situation. If necessary, tell your partner that these mood swings can harm your relationship if your partner doesn’t try to be better.

Show your partner their preferred love language

Everyone has a different love language. To ensure you can calm his storm, you can try to show them their preferred love language. For example, you know your partner’s love language is quality time. You can then allocate time amid your busyness to spend it with your partner. Or you can also give words of affirmation to calm him down, or physical touch to soothe his worry.

Give time to yourself

There are times when your partner needs time to be alone and absorb what he is feeling. You can also take this time to spend it with yourself too. It doesn’t mean you choose to leave your partner without caring about his feelings. Remember, that you don’t have any responsibilities to make your partner feel better. Sometimes you should also choose your selves and stay away from any drama that your partner may have to face. 

You can choose to stay in your room and do other activities that you like. Believe it or not, though you try to prevent it – sometimes your partner’s mood can be transmitted to you too. Thus, doing activities that can bring you happiness is important to avoid this. Don’t forget to turn on your air conditioner because a cool room can help to manage your mood better. According to this an aircon guru, cool room temperature can do wonders to regulate your emotions.

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