Review on Cars 24 App: Understanding and its Usage


Car24 app is owned by cars24 services private limited. Cars24 has a new app to provide the best experience of car selling and buying to customers. It is the safest and best option to sell your car at the best price. With this app, you don’t have to list your car on the other website to sell. You don’t need to attend so many calls and meet the multiple buyers. With Cars24 you have to book an appointment with your chosen branch. Just visit your department and get the best price for your car.


With Cars24 you can find instant payment, easy RC transfer, best price and now also book an appointment on your home.

Now, car24 also offers an app to their users. So they can quickly sell and buy cars with their device. With the new app of cars24, you are allowed to sell and buy vehicles with your device. Now the safest and best way of car selling is in your device.

About Car24 app :

Cars 24 Service Private Limited offers this app. This app was launched in September 2017. It is available on all the platform of devices. You can use this app in a window, IOS, Android devices for free.


Sell my car. With sell my car feature, you can sell your car with three easy steps. 3 step includes evaluation, free inspection and sells car option.

  1. Evaluation- with this option you can evaluate your car selling. You have to enter your card details, and you will get an evaluation of your car price. In most of the cases, you will satisfy with your car price.
  2. Free inspection- after revaluation you can contact your nearby branch of Cars24 for a free inspection of your car. You can fix an appointment for a free examination in your nearby branch with this app. The Inspector of will take inspection of your vehicle and offer you the sale price of your car.
  3. Sell your car– After satisfaction with the amount you can sell your car with just one meet at Cars24 branch. Just do the required paperwork and get instant payment from the department.
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Select your city:

As you open your Cars24 app, you can see three lists of Different cities. In the list of most popular cities, you can find Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and the most populous city of India.

There is also a list of other cities in which other cities like Aurangabad, Jaipur, Chandigarh and so on cities are added.

But if you are unable to find your city in the offered list, then you can search your city in the search box of the app and find Cars24 branches nearby you. You can also locate your location on the inbuilt map of Cars24 app.

Other features of the App:

  1. Login and signup- after downloading the app you have to login or sign up in the app to sell and by car from Cars24. You can enter your login ID and password. But if you are first time user of this app, then you can sign up with your email, phone number in this app.
  2. Pick your city- after login, you can select your city on the homepage of the app. As we have discussed above you can find your city in the most popular city of India, other cities of India, see your city in the search box to get a nearby branch of car24.
  3. Used car bid- with this app you will be able to find a used car in your adjacent region. You can find your desired car with this app. Here you can also place your build on your desired car with this app. This is also the best feature of this app to get the best car at the best price.
  4. Buy a used car- with this option you can and search for your desired car in your nearby region. Vehicles with different model and company will appear on your screen select your desired car and buy directly from the seller. This option allows you to find your desired car with your budget.
  5. RC transfer status- you can also get the information of RC transfer status with this app. If you have bought or sell any car with cars 24, then this app will help you to track your RC transfer status. Just entered the required details in the app and you will get all the information of RC transfer status with only one touch.
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Facilities of Car loan by cars 24 app

Cars 24 also offer to have a car loan to their users. Now, this facility is also available in the app of vehicles 24. You can find the best car loan with just one touch with this app. Enter the detail and mount it off the loan you wanted and see the best car loans of different Finance Companies. You can select EMI and interest rates on the car loan with this app. All option to get best car loan will be provided to you.

Bye-bye drive option:

Cars 24 is also providing a new facility to their users named bye bye drive. Cars24 give a chance to their customer relive their memories with their old car sold on cars24. Now you are allowed to book a bye-bye drive with the cars24 app.

Customer support

Cars24 give customer support service 24 hours 7 days. You are allowed to make contact through a call at any time anywhere with the cars24 branch. They will provide the best satisfaction to their customers.

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App Review: Conclusion

This app provides the best features for selling and buying a car. It is too much easy to use, has a user-friendly interface. This app gives you the safest way to buy and use cars. Car24 apps also update their list of cars regularly so that you don’t have to face any problems. They upload new information about cars every day on this app. With this app, you can sell your car just three steps. It is very easy to book an appointment to cars24 branch with this app. All branches of cars24 are present on this app.

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