Safaricom employs more skilled software developers

Safaricom, Kenya’s telecommunications giant, is giving its very best to maintain its main spot in the nation, including new piping of 400 software developers into its labor force.

This is occurring when practically all the enormous innovation organizations all over the planet are either eliminating positions or freezing employment.

For a long time, Kenya has held the sparkling place as the choice for innovation organizations in East Africa. With numerous worldwide and local organizations settling in the country, the requirement for skilled tech abilities has kept on being on ascent.

Presently, Safaricom is ensuring its labor force of 6,230 individuals isn’t bereft of talented programming engineers, as a hole in skilled work can without much of a stretch mean a hole in item quality.

Indeed, Safaricom isn’t simply recruiting for it. The organization has a few items ready to go, and these fresh recruits will be instrumental in fleshing — or coding — them out.

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As indicated by the CEO, the organization intends to launch an internet business stage on the M-Pesa super application. Furthermore, they intend to offer digitized monetary innovation arrangements like reserve funds, insurance, advances, and monetary management to their clients.


In light of these, obviously, Safaricom, Kenya’s greatest network organization, is rebranding into a full-blown innovation firm.

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