Naps, Midnight Snacks and Other Side Effects of Writing a Thesis

Getting ready to write a thesis that will get you one step closer to completing your masters? Now that you are so close to completing your studies, you will probably do everything in your power to finish your assignment. It will become less important what you eat or how you sleep, and you will only focus on writing your task from scratch. That approach may lead to various side effects. Although finishing your studies matters, your health must be your primary concern at all times. Let’s take a look at what side effects and health issues are lurking if you don’t put yourself in focus.

According to LiveScience, pulling an all-nighter is something that 60% of students have done at least once. Writing a thesis is one of those situations where most students have to work late or don’t sleep the entire night until they complete everything they have planned for that particular day. The problem is that naps are nothing else than mistimed sleep. You may feel like it helps to take a nap now and then, but experts warn that timing is everything when it comes to sleep. If you want to avoid side effects like dealing with extra pounds and obesity, it is vital to find an optimal sleep pattern.

  • Midnight Snacks Are Dangerous

If you stay awake the entire night, the chances are you will get hungry at some point. That is why many students resort to midnight snacks, but they are often unaware that they are dangerous. We are not talking only about gaining weight because staying awake alters your hormone and that has all sorts of negative effects. According to University Health News Daily, midnight snacks lead to unhealthy changes in blood sugar regulation, increased risk of inflammation, and even impaired memory.

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  • You Are Under Stress

Stress is a pretty common problem for students regardless of their study level. The problem with stress is that it doesn’t allow you to relax because you are overwhelmed with your project. That can affect your concentration and even lead to impaired memory. You can even feel the stress physically as it may present in the form of nausea and even chest pains. If you notice any signs of stress, you should work on balancing it immediately. Some tips that you can use include eating well, exercising, and trying to get a good night sleep.

  • It Affects Your Brain, Too

Completing a demanding writing project requires a lot of time and effort. That drains out not only your physical but also mental energy. Your brain is negatively affected by the fact that you haven’t slept or eaten well, and because you are pushing yourself to the limit. Not only you are working at a slower pace when you are tired, but you are also more prone to mistakes. That is why it can be more beneficial to get some sleep and rest as you will be way more productive once you get back to work later.

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How Can You Avoid Side Effects of Thesis Writing?

If you do not want to worry about health issues, you should ask for a custom masters thesis company that provides a professional writing service. The experienced writers can do the tough job for you and secure that you get that degree that you have been dreaming about since you enrolled in master studies. Your health should be the primary concern, but keep in mind that skilled paper authors can also help you to submit the highest quality of the given master’s assignment. The service is affordable and worth every cent as they will help in ensuring that the final task you are doing is of superb quality while protecting your health.


Nobody denies that college is important, but if anything matters more, that is your health. If you feel like you have enough time and energy on your schedule to write the custom thesis from scratch, go ahead, but make sure your health doesn’t suffer. But if you want to ensure that everything is completed on time without facing any side effects, the right move is to head online and ask a professional to write your assignment.

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