SIM Registration Deadline Extended

The Mobile Money Agents Association has said the two months augmentation declared by the government isn’t sufficient enough to ensure that all Ghanaians would re-register their SIM cards.

As indicated by the affiliation, the test for some registrants is the inaccessibility of their Ghana Cards.

In a meeting with Citi News, the Secretary of the Mobile Money Agents Association, Evans Otumfuor, said until issues confronting the National Identification Authority are managed, the augmentation would have little effect.

“Looking at the exigencies that government wants us to regularise our credentials with the Ghana Card, we were thinking that at least, within a space of six months, it should be enough for us to get quite a good number of people.”

The government had at first set July 31 as the deadline for all people to re-register their SIM cards with their Ghana Cards.

People who had neglected to follow the order would have had their SIM cards deactivated.


The guidelines are to help law enforcers to distinguish SIM card proprietors, track criminals who use telephones for criminal operations, check telephone burglary, disdain message informing, versatile extortion exercises, and SIM Box fraud.

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Statistics from the National Communication Authority (NCA) show that as of Thursday, July 21, 2022, 16,969,034 people had registered for the Ghana Card, with around 16,535,623 cards printed, while 15,395,607 had connected their Ghana Card to their SIM cards.

To support the registration, the public authority has set up a self-service application, which will be made accessible on both Android and IOS stores this week.

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