Software Manipulation Is The Result Of Our Educational Problems, Stop Blaming Parents — Computer Expert To GES

A computer expert based in the Greater Accra Region Mr. Evans Kyei has stressed that the Ghana Education Service should stop blaming parents whose children fail to get admissions into their preferred college institutions.

He is advising them to instead take a critical look into how the personnel working at their Computer department go about their duties and address the various challenges that confront them.

His comment follows the problems parents are facing with Computer School Selection and Placement Support (CSSPS)
In a telephone interview with him over the weekend, Mr. Evans Kyei Managing Director of Multimind Technologies Co Ltd and Chief Executive Officer of observed that since the introduction of the computerized selection in 2005, placement has been an age-old challenge.

Kyei, an Indian trained computer professional and also a product of Kofi Anan Foundation at University of Legon quizzes, “since 2005 what do Ghanaians experience, isn’t the same story from the Ghana Education Service, and reechoed, when shall these Computer problems be solved at the Service’s end.”

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Kyei outrightly linked what he termed as “open errors” to computer manipulations at the GES insisting that even in basic computer practice, the machine provides exact results based on the information and programs fed into the computer.


Kyei lamented that whilst the system wrongfully selects schools for some candidates, others are denied admissions. Instead of finding solutions, GES considered it acceptable to blame parents and students for the disgraceful errors.”

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