Special Coding Programme Rolled Out toTrain young people with skills for sustainable income

At the same, many organizations are now looking at harnessing technology to improve their productivity to become more efficient.


It is, for this reason, the Institute of ICT Professionals has initiated a Special Coding Programme to equip young people with skills to prepare them for the future to secure jobs and have a sustainable income.

The Special Coding Programme has focused on training JHS 3 and SHS 3 students who are awaiting their results and placements.


Speaking on the rationale behind the Special Coding Programme, the Executive Director for the Institute, David Gowu pointed out that the programme is to equip young people with employable skills.

“The government has been on a campaign trying to help digitize our economy, moving it from the agrarian economy into a knowledge-based economy. For that, it will be good for all of us to embrace technology. We’ve seen that in the activities of government trying to create platforms to help us transform technology”.

“Apart from the global economy, what is happening now is that most organizations or most companies are looking for how to use technology to improve productivity to become more efficient–and we need our young people– to also have these skills to be able to get jobs and also be able to have sustainable income,” he stressed.

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Meanwhile, the institute has embarked on several initiatives that had a direct effect on society such as reviewing academic curriculums to factor coding, established data science awareness programme, trained over 200 graduates at Accra Digital Centre (ADC), published over 120 articles on technology and engaged in Cyber Security Training and awareness programmes.

The Institute of ICT Professionals, Ghana (IIPGH) has four divisions namely; Professional Membership, Academy, Professionals Services and Foundation. The Academy division is aimed at providing ICT skills training that enable the digital transformation of organizations.

To register or take up the programme, visit www.iipgh.org

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