St Albans School Commissions New ICT Research Facility.

Mr. Isaac Ashai Odamtten, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Tema East Constituency, has commemorated an Information Communication Technology (ICT) research facility for the St Albans Basic School, Tema Community One.

Giving over the research facility, furnished with 20 PCs and a projector, to Madam Bernice Ofori, the Metro Education Director, Mr. Odamtten said the ICT lab was to assist with improving learning in the electorate.

Mr. Odamtten said the help was important for a more extensive task named: “Ashai ICT Agenda,” being embraced to support ICT learning in the electorate, adding steps were in progress to launch a PC coding club to show constituents practical PC abilities and certify students in both Junior and Secondary schools to make them employable.

He said an E-library would be given to the school to make the securing of data simpler as well as foster reading habits in the pupils and students.

The Tema East MP said the three existing PC labs, including Adjetey Ansah Computer lab, Manhean Anglican Computer lab, and Mantedin PC lab, would be upgraded to improve the correspondence climate in Tema.

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He said it was to prepare the constituents, especially the students, to contend all around the world in the contemporary innovation setting.


“We want to see a new Tema where every child in our basic and secondary schools appreciates the computer technology environment and so beyond providing computer labs, we are also engaging both students and community members in a coding club,” he added.

Mr. Odamtten spoke to corporate associations, Non-Governmental Organizations, and philanthropists to help the schools with ICT devices.

Madam Bernice Ofori, the Metro Education Director, praised the MP for the nonstop help and indicated that the PCs came with perfect timing where ICT was a critical part in the school system.

“Where we are going in the 21st century every basic school needs a computer lab for the children to have current ideas to be able to innovate and create things for themselves,” she said.

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