Standard Chartered Mobile App makes Investment Simple And Easy With Mobile Mutual Fund

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With the introduction of Mobile Mutual Fund (MMF), Standard Chartered has once again set to offer convenient banking to its clients. Thee MMF can be accessed on the banks SC Mobile App. The process and turnaround time for the client’s investment will be shortened by the new feature.

To get access to the MMF on the SC Mobile App, clients must first download the App, open an account and create an investment profile.

The investment profile access and capture client’s objectives and risk appetite towards investment.

With the MMF, Specific fund names such as Fund house, Asset class and Product risk rating are some of the specific fund names that can be searched using the MMF on the SC Mobile App.

Relevant product documents and historical price trends which can help investors to make informed decisions are also available for investors to access.

Head of Wealth Management at Standard Chartered Bank Ghana Limited, Mrs Setor Quashgah, said, ‘’ Mobile Mutual Funds on the Standard Chartered Mobile App presents clients the opportunity to invest and benefit from the earnings of some of the worlds most profitable entities. Our clients will be able to view the performance of their holdings on a frequent basis and make timely decisions. This helps them manage their investment portfolios better through the various stages of the global economic cycle. With the Standard Chartered Mobile App, we are committed to delivering convenience for our clients.’’

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Subscription, redeem and switch of mutual funds as well as submission of transactions and tracking of portfolio without the need of visiting any branch are some of the features provided on the Standard Chartered Mobile App.

Service to their Clients is the main aim of the Standard Chartered Bank Limited, as they assure their clients of convenient transactions across the globe anywhere and anytime.

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