State of the Virtual Reality in Africa: How the Industry is Doing?

Virtual reality is one of the latest trends that has gained the attention of every technology enthusiast worldwide including Africa. It has seen a major transformation in some industries and has recently infiltrated the education sector.

This is seen as a very broad movement, and so many people are hoping that by use of virtual reality, student’s education will be enhanced. Despite the fact that Africa’s technological background is not as stable and mature as that of other continents, it has come a long way to make sure that it is not left behind.

So far people are already enjoying virtual reality in Africa, and the industry is expected to advance further in the next few years.

Sectors in Africa that Have Already Incorporated Virtual Reality
Like mentioned above, there are so many sectors that have managed to incorporate virtual reality in their daily activities. Being a new idea in town, the simple fact that it has already taken off means that it will sink in within a couple of years.

So far virtual reality has had a very positive reception in Africa, and this is one achievement and advancement that guarantees its future.

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Below are some of the numerous sectors that already have virtual reality.


The Gaming and Movie Industry
It was not long ago that you could only play 2Dgames on your PCs or Nintendo. These days are long gone, and now virtual reality has taken the gaming industry in Africa by storm.

They have managed to come up with some amazing gaming arcades that have completely transformed the gaming industry by far. Virtual reality has twisted the narrative, and now people no longer want to control the game but become part of the game. This business has so far bared fruits in some countries in Africa like South Africa which is home to one of the most amazing gaming arcade called MyGaming. This has been among the biggest achievements in the continent.

The movie industry has also managed to have a taste of the virtual reality, unlike the gaming industry that has not yet been experienced in so many countries. The movie industry has a completely different story.

Most cinemas all over Africa already have virtual reality. The movie industry picked up as soon as the concept was introduced. Cinemas have become so much more interesting and lively than they used to be all thanks to virtual reality.

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The great news is that you can also enjoy your own experience of virtual reality at the comfort of your home since the VR headsets are no longer as expensive as they used to.

With less than $50 you can get your very own VR headsets and transform every aspect or your entertainment.

Education Sector

There is no way that anyone would have predicted to have virtual reality in schools and most importantly in Africa schools. This has so far been a very bold step. But what better way to make students understand better than using the VR where they can now be part of the process and not just sit back and watch.

There have been quite a number of companies dedicated to seeing Virtual reality incorporated in African schools. With seating on the front line, Africa will see virtual reality in most of their schools sooner than later.

Some other organizations that are dedicated to seeing virtual schools become a reality in Africa include Unesco and Sangari education which has partnered with the Singaporean VR startup company creative.

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Research indicates that by introducing Virtual reality in African schools the concentration of the students will be heightened and distraction free. Students will also be able to capture the concept better.


It is undoubtedly true that from the facts above, Africa has taken an initiative in making sure that they are not left behind when it comes to virtual reality. This is a step that has seen them dive deep in the benefits of this latest technological trend.

They have also gone ahead and started their very own virtual reality startup companies like the Black rhino. This is one of the biggest virtual reality company in Africa located in Nairobi Kenya. Cyclops is yet another VR company in Johannesburg South Africa.

With the above-mentioned sectors already having a test of virtual reality in Africa, it is true to say that virtual reality has indeed had a great reception in the continent.

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