5 Steps To Hiring Small Business IT Support

Every business, whether big or small, requires efficient IT support in order to gain productivity, store and manage data effectively, and solve tricky problems quickly to enable it to stay competitive. As a small business, however, supporting, maintaining, and running your ICT can be very expensive. Finding an IT support to work with you can help you free up your time and give you great service at a smaller cost compared to doing it in-house.

Hiring the right IT support can seem like a daunting task. Let’s look at 5 steps to hiring small business IT support that will help you a great deal.

  1. What Type Of IT Support Do You Require?

Before you do anything, you will need to understand and decide which type of IT support you need for your small business. Outsourced IT support is the best and most preferred option for small and medium-sized businesses, since you will only incur the cost of the support. Secondly, you will need to understand what your IT needs are. It becomes very difficult to communicate your IT needs to an IT support company if you do not understand them yourself.

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  1. Do Your Research

Take some time and do some research on support companies in your area. List down a few prospective companies that offer support to small businesses. Check out their websites and read customer reviews and client testimonials. Get some references, and if you can, call and speak to some of their previous and current clients.

  1. Get in Touch

Once you are clear on what you need and you have your list of prospective support companies ready, the next would be to get in touch with them and let them know your requirements. Meet each of them in person and ask them all your questions. Bring up specific issues and see how they react to them.  You will need to be sure that you are compatible to form a business relationship from the beginning.

The support company you hire should make you a priority and be able to resolve issues quickly and openly.

  1. What Is Their Pricing Model?

How the support company charges for their services is very important for a small business. Their pricing should be upfront, transparent and without unpleasant surprises. Ask for a no-obligation free estimate. Ideally, they should give you a monthly bill to help you plan your budget and cash flows.

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  1. Make Your Decision

The final step involves making a decision on which support company to hire. Your decision should be based on price comparisons, experience and expertise and guaranteed response times for all your technical problems.

Don’t forget to choose your contact person. A designated contact person will be the point of contact between your business and the IT support you hire. Being able to contact them personally will help your business run more smoothly.


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