Stop traditional means of marketing and adopt digital marketing – Mr azaletey

The Creative Director and Co-founder of the Megyae Group, Mr Kingsley Dredd Azaletey, has called out companies still doing business the traditional way. He said the world is gradually shifting towards digital marketing and as such companies should equally do same.

He further said for sometime now the strategy of marketing has evolved but unfortunately most organizations are holding unto the old way of promoting their goods and services, thereby not boosting their sales.

He made these remarks when he was speaking on the topic: “Digital Marketing”. He mounted the platform at Ghana Tourism Authority’s (GTA) annual two-day regional training for hospitality operators.

He advised company leaders and managers to check their digital platforms and keep it updated.

Mr Azaletey gave the statics on the number of social media users, saying there’s been an upgrade of social media users from 2 billion people in 2015 to about 4.66 billion currently representing close to 6% of the world’s population.

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Touching on the negative impact of COVID-19, he also spoke on the positive impact which has made a lot of people engage in online businesses. He therefore stressed that any company who is still operating brick and mortar without an online presence is wasting their time.


Mr Azaletey made mention of the various means of digital marketing, taking into account; e-mail marketing, content, social media, youtube and google analytics.

He also urged the organizations to use digital marketing to promote their services explaining that being in the hospitality sector required two-way communication which could only be achieved through digital marketing.

He said some of the benefits a company could derive by using digital marketing included increasing its recognition as a hospitality operator at a hotel, restaurant, or travel, and tour company.
He added that it also improves brand loyalty, higher level of customer satisfaction, cost-effectiveness, and measurable results.

He also urged hospitality operators especially hotel managers to do target digital marketing based on the three groups of customers that patronized them – luxury seekers, those who desired value for money, and the normal social beings.

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