‘Tech-For-All Conference’ organized to advocate ICT development among children

‘Tech-For-All Conference’ is been organized by TEC KONSULT to advocate for critical Information Communications Technology (ICT) development and inclusion among children.

The conference is a platform, focused on boosting ICT education among children and its maiden edition saw individuals who matter in the technology space, coming together to inspire and push for the use of technology in every aspect of work.

Timeline TV Series, Movies, Music, TV Presenting, Radio, Media Academy Training, Media, and the general public all helped in organizing and making the programme a reality. The main event was attended by Senior students in Tech as well as Tech professionals.

This event brought various stakeholders together to think together and create a common platform for networking and advance the discussion about ICT. The event was divided into 5 different stakes holders’ group; Science, Technology, Tech Recruitment, Tech Entrepreneurship and Networking.

It also held various tech drills and competition for the available children and saw 50 students from 25 different basic schools participating as they were thought coding software.

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The participants were divided into four groups; Silicon, Coders, Wiki and Falcon. Two of the top participants in each group were put together to competition group to group as they answer general code questions and practical code skills.  Silicon Group emerged as the winner.

Zeenat Zita D. Yirenkyi believes that, if Ghana is to catch up with the world, then technology must be our priority

She said, “Every adult engineer was a child, it’s therefore key to introduce Science and Tech (STEM) to kids early to trigger their interest. A pre-school was selected for a science and robotics practical session. We also had a nice time telling the kids stories about STEM Inventors Primary/Basic Level Session. Some kids at this level had already started code school. Students from various schools came together for a Tech training session, after which there was a competition to select the top Tech student and award him/her as winner This session was held at the Ghana – Korea Information Access Center Legon.’’

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The event brought a lot of fun as well as a great display of intelligence from the young ones.  13-year-old Andy Debrah, a super coder from Falsyd Foundation school was emerged as the overall winner and was presented with the ultimate prize Cash Price, Plague, Sash, a day at the Spa and a Mentoring session at Airtel Tigo Business. He also received other gifts from Airtel Tigo business, a tour at Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence (ICT Centre), a One-week internship with Quest Systems, a visit to the office of the Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection.

This session was targeted at business owners. They were trained in useful apps and how to scale up their business using Technology. This session was done in partnership with MWEL (Muslim Women Entrepreneurs and Leaders). Over 30 Start-up Entrepreneurs, CEO’s and potential Entrepreneurs participated.

Among discussions were Critical startup topics, Technology to help scale-up businesses and crises management in businesses especially during tough times Market Traders Engagement Session – Spoke to Market Queens and Kings and motivated them to engage their kids who have smartphones to help them sell some of the goods online business owners as a target for this session were trained on how to use technology to improve their business. There was also an available panel who gave answers to all asked questions. Participants got the opportunity to discuss their school or business projects one on one with our panellist. There was a networking session as well.

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