Telecommunications Common Platform saves Ghana $1 million monthly

The Government of Ghana signed a contract with the Kelni GVG, a Haitian ICT firm, in December 2017, to monitor traffic, fraud management and plug revenue leakages, and to also verify mobile money transactions of the telecommunication companies in the country.

With this, Ghana today has saved US$1.1 million monthly after mounting a Common Platform to monitor the activities of the telecommunications sector.

Minister of Communications, Mrs Ursula Owusu Ursula, said, the platform would also save the state US$ 66 million by the end of the five-year contract signed between the government and the Kelni GVG.

The signing of the contract generated a lot of public debate, with some civil society organizations and individuals raising concerns about lack of transparency of the contract amount and the speed at which it was rushed through parliament for approval.

Mrs Ursula Owusu, in an interview with the media, said the government’s position on the establishment of the platform has been vindicated by the revenues which have been saved by the state.

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She said, “From the gains mentioned above, the platform has provided more value to the state at a lesser amount compared to the previous contract with Subah and Afriwave.’’


About 2.5 billion transactions per day within the telecom sector, including calls, SMS and monitoring of mobile money transactions as an added component are been monitored by the platform according to the Minister and also saves the nation millions of dollars,

Besides, the platform saved the nation GH¢205.6 million from the fraud management component since its inception and expected to deliver tax savings of approximately GH¢795.9 million.

An average monthly usage of GH¢29.1 billion and GH¢195.8 million transactions, with the Mobile Network Operators generating GH¢71 million per month in transaction fees are also been reported on mobile money monitoring.

According to the minister, the nation lost GH¢300 million in taxes between 2015 and the first quarter of 2017 due to potential under-declaration, prior to the introduction of the platform. While an estimated GH¢470 million was saved in taxes between March 2017 and to date, and if the platform were not implemented, a potential sum of GHC 1.5 billion would have been lost.

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She also touched on the upfront deduction of the Communication Service Tax (CST) by the telecommunications and said that, the Network operators have asked for time to make amendments and that we should have the patience for them to complete the adjustment by November 26.

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