The Benefits of Using a Managed Security Service Provider

Every company dreads losing its data. The loss of data means that the operations of a business may not be able to be carried out smoothly. This means that data is equally important just like the other things that are owned by a business such as employees, equipment and inventory. But most people don’t know what is MSSP.

The word is basically an acronym of Managed Security Service Provider, which is a company that offers outsourced cybersecurity. That’s why nowadays businesses prefer to hire managed security provider companies to protect their networks against unauthorized access.


This is because hackers have taken their game a notch higher, meaning they are able to gain access into crucial data by simply breaching the network security of their target. Since the security of data is a sensitive issue, in-house teams are no longer able to guarantee its safety. In fact, things have been complicated by the fact that cybersecurity is very dynamic. Here is a list of reasons that will shed light on the benefits of working with a managed security service provider.

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  1. Boosts Employees’ Performance

When the task of managing data is delegated to employees, their performance tends to dwindle. This is because they are overwhelmed by having extra duties. Such employees have to perform their main duties while still monitoring how the employer’s data is being used. However, delegating cyber security to an independent entity gives employees to fully focus on their main duty. This helps in improving their performance in the long run because they don’t have to worry about the security of data and IT in general. For instance, an accounts clerk can fully concentrate on maintaining checks and balances when there is a dedicated security team.

  1. Cut Back on Security Expenses

Hiring an internal security team is a costly affair. This is because you have to put them on the payroll, meaning they have to be paid every month like all the other employees even when they have not performed any duty. And that’s not all. As their employer, the law requires you to give them a paid leave once a year so they can go on vacation with their loved ones. Moreover, you are expected to foot their medical bills when they get sick. These are just but a few of the benefits that you must give an internal security team. With managed security provider, you simply pay them a fixed rate after they have sorted out a security mess. You are not even responsible for catering for their welfare. This means that you can predict the amount of money that you will spend each month on securing your company’s data.

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  1. Round the Clock Monitoring

An external security team keeps an eye on company data 24/7. This means that no one can access your network without them noticing. They can, therefore, detect when someone tries to access your data without your consent. When a security breach happens they are able to solve it immediately without interfering with the day to day operations of your business. With an internal team, a security breach can happen without them noticing. This is because they don’t monitor your company networks except when a problem has been reported. The problem is that they can take too long to bring normalcy in the operations of a business.

  1. Offers Unlimited Access to Advanced Expertise

Like mentioned earlier in the article, cybersecurity keeps on evolving. Since internal security teams don’t bother to advance their skills, the company will only continue using outdated strategies and applications that are not much for seasoned hackers. With an outsourced security team, your business will have access to advanced technology. This is because such providers continue to advance their IT skills even after they have graduated from college. This helps in ensuring that your business is able to compete with the giants in your industry. The advantage is that you don’t spend extra money on training such external teams to like is the case with in-house teams. They also go an extra mile to ensure that your business complies with the regulations of the government.

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