The Path of Exile Atlas Tree Guide for 3.22 League

With the launch of Path of Exile’s 3.22 League, many players will be exploring the Atlas for the first time or rebuilding their endgame strategy. In this guide, we will explore the revamped Atlas passive tree and offer some strategies for efficient progression and cheap PoE Currency farming. The Atlas tree opens up new opportunities to shape your endgame experience, so understanding its mechanics and planning your builds wisely is important.

Upon entering maps, you’ll notice the return of the Atlas passive tree. This complex web of nodes grants powerful bonuses that shape how you engage with endgame content like unlocking maps, affecting map modifiers, dropping specific league mechanics, and more. With the sheer number of available passives, maximizing your setup can feel daunting.

The Atlas tree is divided into four quadrants that each focus on a different aspect of mapping:

Conqueror’s Dominion

This section impacts how you progress through the Atlas, defeating the game’s four Conquerors of the Atlas and fighting the Shaper and Elder. Nodes here increase the chance of encountering map bosses, boost boss life/damage, and shake up Conqueror influence mechanics. For efficient progression, focuses on increasing map drops and chances for Watchstone drops from bosses to boost your Atlas progress speed.

With this, players can target farm specific maps more easily to target farm specific league mechanics drops, div cards, and have more control over map mods. For example, crafting perfect Delirium or Breachstone maps. This focus maximizes the profit potential currency of running those maps through targeted loot and mob mods.

Hallowed Ground

This section allows you to purchase Legacy, Memory or Reflection map pieces to run special endgame domains for big rewards.Nodes here reduce the prices of pieces, grant guaranteed piece drops from certain map bosses, unlock additional bosses, and more.For farming, stacking price reduction nodes allows you to sustain running domains for the best drops like Ivory Watchstones, unique maps, and crafting bases.

With tight Atlas passive investment, you can sustain optimal map returns and target run specific maps back-to-back for focused farming. Popular efficient mapping strategies involve chaining low tier maps for maximum returns or blasting high tier maps for rarer drops. Both approaches benefit from all Atlas passives that increase pack size, mob rarity, and Objective drops.

The Eternal Labyrinth

Governs new types of Labyrinth rooms and trials added in 3.22 plus how you encounter them. Nodes boost room rewards like currency, maps, and Sextant mods and increase Trial spawn rates in maps. For farming, focus on nodes that force more Trials to spawn for guaranteed Ascendancy respec points and fast Lab completion for Enchanted items.

The most valuable drops from maps include raw currencies, maps of higher tiers, Exotic coins from league mechanics, valuable Divination cards, unique and cluster jewels. By targeting specific maps and bosses with your Atlas, you can push higher returns in whichever rewards suit your needs. Popular farming methods guide around sustained map returns for running optimal maps repeatedly.

If your goal is income, focus on sustaining Tier 14-16 maps with scarabs, sextants, and watchstones to farm high value drops like raw Chaos/Exalted Orbs. Delirium and Legion are commonly profitable. Breachstones also sell well. Selling well-rolled maps early also generates nice profits alongside farming for yourself. With the capability to fully shape your endgame around your goals, the revamped Atlas establishes an exciting new level of control over farming Path of Exile currency and progression.

Some final tips for utilizing the Atlas tree include maintaining balance across the regions, specializing but not neglecting other zones, and respecting passives as your Atlas and gear progresses. The new possibilities presented by targeted farming unlocked through fine-tuned Atlas investment create opportunities for highly efficient farming. With practice and experimenting across builds and farm strategies, you’ll start to truly optimize income generation through the revamped endgame systems.

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