The seven best Instagram video makers online

If you are a businessman, it is apparent that you will be inclined towards creating promotion videos that will lead to an enhancement of your brand value. And why not? The most important thing to do while enhancing business or brand value is- to make more and more promotions of that.

And what can be a better model for an advertisement than videos? Of course, photos, blogs and articles help. But there is a personal touch of appeal towards the audience in videos. Across the world, around 7-8 businesses have selected Instagram as a mode of communication with their customers regarding their companies. 

Now, Instagram is a medium via which you can appeal to your audiences. There are several video makers that have been designed for the propagation of your content on Instagram. That being said, not all these video makers are worth it. Most of them are not that good. 

So, here are the 7 best video makers and the importance behind their usage for the promotion of your content. 



Boomerang is a video making option that is available on both iOS and Android. The best thing about the Boomerang video maker is that it is free of cost. You can use it at your peril. You can use it to create GIFs as per your likes, or you can also use it to create videos of length within 1 minute. However, everything you create and always remembers will always have a bigger effect on the audience since it is animated.



Hyperlapse is another free video making tool on Instagram available for smartphones. It is one of the most used video makers by entrepreneurs. A big advantage of Hyperlapse is that it eradicates the usage of tripods as it relies mostly on the stabilization model. It is mostly used for undertaking e-commercial purposes. In fact, other than communication with your audience, you can use Hyperlapse as a medium of hosting business meetings. You can also host business meetings with your clients via Hyperlapse. A lot of world-famous brands use Hyperlapse, namely Footlocker and Mountain Dew. Hence, by now, the importance of installing the Hyperlapse video maker must be clear to you. So go for it if you want to propagate your brand’s promotion.

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One of the most essential video makers in Instagram is VSCO X. The most significant advantage of VSCO X is that it has an editor app pre-installed in it. This editor app helps to edit still photos as well as videos. This editing feature that is present in VSCO X is not available in most other video makers. It is a relatively new video maker, established in the year 2017. However, while you can see the pros of VSCO X, you need to pay the price for it. It comes at a rate of $19.99 per year.


Filmorago is another free Instagram video editor widely used globally by a number of entrepreneurs. Like every other Instagram video maker, it comes with a few facilities too. You can edit the themes in this app as per your wish. Suppose, if you feel like changing the content at display at times, you can easily edit it. There is an editing feature available, which makes it possible for you to make changes. It is arguably the most versatile app out there on Instagram, and you can use even music in your videos to create the effect and feel more realistic.


Typito is another Instagram video making tool that is widely used by various business organizations and individuals throughout the world. Like any other video app, it comes with a few facilities, including the likes of editing tools and attractive templates. By the usage of these tools, you can make your brand promotions more attractive—one thing you always need to keep in mind. The gimmick quotient should be high enough. The most catchy thing regarding Typito is the videos that it confers are of high definition. Literally, all of them. That being said, it is not a free video maker. It would help if you bought it at the rate of $5 per year.

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Storyheap is perhaps the most sophisticated video making tool that is available on Instagram. It helps you to collect and arrange all the Instagram stories that you are using to promote your brand collectively. It has a library of equipment that will help you make your video quality better. It has a variety of designs, templates, backgrounds, colors, textures that will help you improve your content and add life to it. However, there is one big drawback of Storyheap. It is the most expensive video maker available. You have to subscribe to it at the rate of $49 per month. 


Last but not least, the most prominent Instagram video maker available is Invideo. This is the most widely used video maker by entrepreneurs, people in business, business organizations, and even small business owners throughout the world. It is a new video maker app, and the software is quite advanced. A lot of media companies use it. It helps you to transform whatever content you create to videos. There are a plethora of features available in the app, which makes your job easier. There are a variety of styles, backgrounds, colors, graphics, textures, etc. You can select them according to your own choice and prepare your content, while subsequently converting them to videos. There are other features like speed adjustment, media library; text overplay etc. in Invideo. Also, the best part is that the character length is unlimited. Initially, it is a free video maker, but there is a limitation of exporting around 50 videos per month. 

Once you follow this article, you will get an idea about some of the best Instagram video makers available online. You can thereby use them to establish your brand or business successfully. 

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