There is a need for advanced technology in healthcare delivery – Mrs Rebecca Akuffo-Addo

Quality and advanced healthcare delivery is a need when noting the developmental challenges of every country. Therefore, it’s a good thing the First Lady of the nation has emphasized on it. She made this emphasis when she visited the headquarters of Terumo Corporation, a top medical device manufacturer in Tokyo, Japan.

On a tour with Ghana’s High Commissioner to Japan, Mr Frank Okyere and Mr Owiredu, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, they were shown numerous structural settings and improved medical equipment produced by the Terumo Corporation.

The First Lady showed much interest on how well the company has developed the Mirasol Pathogen Reduction Technology System (PRTS), which is a method of deactivating the infectious pathogens in blood transfusion and reducing the infectious pathogens from blood.

This type of Technology System here in Ghana can be seen at the Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital and its effectiveness in reducing disease in transfusion is well proven. With a huge margin of maternal death resulting from severe bleeding during and after birth in Africa, Mrs Akuffo-Addo said the introduction of Mirasol PRTS in our various hospitals in our countries will massively help clean infectious pathogens from blood.

She ended by saying she is a witness to incidents where innocent mothers and babies are being infected with numerous diseases through blood transfusion as a result of poor Technology equipment, her Rebecca Foundation will join hands with Terumo Corporation to ensure Marisol PRTS is inaugurated as part of medical facilities in the country.

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This will help reduce diseases in blood transfusion to mothers and babies. She also made it known that Government is ensuring on the passage of a Blood Service Bill to ensure all blood transfusion is received and passed through intensive and highly recommended medical facilities before being transferred to the recipient.


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