5 Tips to Choosing a 3D Printer

Are you planning to buy a 3D printer? Considering that there are tons of such printers on the market, establishing which is the best one could be a confusing and daunting experience. However, that’s not to mean that you should just take any that you bump on as you might end up spending a fortune by constantly buying 3d printers parts to replace the substandard ones. Fortunately, you can make your choosing process pretty easy by applying a few tips.

Let’s have a look at some of these tips:

  1. Print size and volume

Different printers come with the different print capacities and so are their respective print bed sizes. The size of the print object is dependent on the print bed’s size. Therefore, it is important that you ascertain that the print bed of the printer that you are about to buy will print objects in the sizes that you want. Besides, establish if the printer you are about to buy can print the number of objects you’d like it to print in a single job.

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  1. Intended Print materials

Some printers can print with certain materials while others can’t. For instance, while some can print with Nylon materials, others are too fragile and don’t have features to support such print work. As such, it’s important that you put into consideration the type of materials you intend your printer to print with while choosing one. If you intend to print on different materials, choose a versatile printer than can work with the specific material types. Although a versatile printer will most likely require you to dig deeper into your pocket, it’s a worthy buy instead of having to buy several printers for different print out materials.

  1. Printing time

A 3D printer takes a significantly longer time to produce a print out as compared to the ordinary type. However, some 3D printers have shorter printing times as compared to others. Let your answer to the question “how fast would you like an ideal 3D printer to print?” should help you decide the best buy.

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  1. Usability ease

Some 3D printers such as Afinia, Makerbot BEE THE FIRST come with easy-to-use software while others, especially those that run on Cura and Repetier (open source programs), are a bit complex to use. The latter is meant for people who want to customize a myriad of printing options and have a deep understanding of how the printers work, starting from their respective programming codes. In case you aren’t tech savvy, a printer with easy to use software will be an ideal option.

  1. Budget

Just like in any other purchase, you should consider your budget while purchasing a 3D printer so that you don’t overspend at the expense of your other budget items or buy a cheap one that won’t serve the intended purpose. 3D printers come with different prices. You can get one with a price tag of a few hundreds of dollars while another goes for tens of thousands of dollars. Of course, every model comes with different features. However, while ‘cheap is expensive’ is a rule of thumb to many, you can still get a fairly priced printer that’s high quality. All in all, ensure that your ultimate choice falls within your budgeted price range.

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Having applied the above tips, you should finally get the best 3D printer for your printing needs without breaking the bank. All the best in your shopping!

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