The Top 5 Headphone Brands Of 2018

Having a great pair of headphones is a priceless and invaluable possession. Whether you are in the office, riding on the bus or enjoying your vacation, these tech accessories are a must-have nowadays. Headphones allow you to drift away into your own world of entertainment without having to worry about the sounds around you.

You can binge on the latest series, or listen to and watch music videos without disturbing those around you. However, getting the best pair of headphones can seem like a daunting task. This is because the market is very competitive and saturated with cheap and low-quality headphones that do not give you value for money.

In this article, let’s look at the top 5 headphone brands of 2018 that will suit your unique needs.

1. Audio Technica

When it comes to premium headphones, Audio Technica tops the list in 2018. This Japanese brand produces world-class headphones that very few competitors can rival. The sound quality from these headphones is unmatched and you are likely to find them in many recording studios all over the world.

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The wide variety of headphones which include, over-ear, in-ear, studio and DJ, and sports headphones are guaranteed to best suit your individual needs. Audio Technica headphones are also affordable. This gives you an opportunity to access top-notch technology economically.

2. Beyerdynamic

Beyerdynamic has been in the audio products market since 1924. Having stood the test of time, this German brand is in a class of its own and has earned its crown. The concert quality sound, accurate frequency response and the wearing comfort will give you the best audio experience ever. One great thing about these headphones is that all parts are replaceable in the event they break down.

3. Bose

Bose is a reputable brand famously known for making innovative and well-rounded headphones that can be used on almost every occasion. Compared to other top brands, Bose’s comfortable design is unmatched. Bose headphones became very popular due to their world-class noise cancellation technology.

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Bose models are lightweight, well padded and do not feel too tight on the ears. Most Bose headphones have a battery life of about 10 hours and can keep playing for two hours even when the battery is low. With Bose, life just got better.

4. Shure

Since 1925, Shure Company has strived to make the perfect sound from ear to ear. This award-winning brand has delivered the most trusted audio products all over the world. Shure professional headphones have a rich and clear bass phenomenal and will provide the legendary Shure sound. These headphones are also the best for critical listening as they can attenuate and isolate outside noises thus allowing you to hear clear sounds.

2. Sony

The Sony range of headphones is effectively designed with performance in mind. Sony’s latest improvement in technology in their new versions has pushed this brand to the top tier headphone brands of 2018. One of the most outstanding headphones Sony has ever produced is the Sony MDR 1000x model. These wireless headphones have the best noise cancellation; have a durable build and this makes them the perfect choice for commuters.

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Well, there you have it; the top 5 headphone brands of 2018. Looking for the perfect headphones that will give you great sound? has reviewed the Top Headphone Brands of 2018. Check them out today and allow the beat carry you away.

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