The Top 5 trends in internet privacy in 2018

Technology has advanced in both positive ways and in the negative. There are so many benefits that have come with the advancement in technology such as shopping when you are in the comfort of your own home and then having the goods delivered at your door.

With this benefits, there are also limitations that are driving people in the internet craze, these are things like hacking that fraud a person their privacy and in turn can lead to cyberbullying.

There are those hackers who are up to no good and wait to rob you everything. Your privacy should be a guarantee when you are using the internet. You should be able to defend yourself from malicious people on the internet. In order to do so, you need to have good background knowledge on the top trends of internet privacy in 2018:


Use Linux operating systems

This is one of the major steps to ensuring that you are assured of your privacy and freely enjoy internet life. This is because Linux is easy to use it is faster and is safe from hacks. Most of the hacks and virus are made for Windows operating system. The window 10 is a major culprit of hacking with ease of password sharing through your Wi-Fi network whenever you are connected with friends. The windows 10 records all activities and passwords entered especially if you are using Cortana. To avoid this profiling, you can switch to Linux or alter the security settings on windows by turning them off.

Avoid pop up ads while browsing

These are the phishing messages that are sent by malicious people either in your smartphone or the laptop to watch over what you are doing online. To avoid such a spying, you should avoid those pop-up ads as they are probably, installation of virus apps or downloading a malicious app. The links are usually not complete and they may mean something else when you open them.


Install an overall authority as your security

It is important to have a trusted service that protects your identity and everything while you are using the internet. The security can be in form of a trusted antivirus like avast that keeps track of all your internet activities, hides it from malicious people and in case of a hack, it has a backup for all your data and crucial information. This way you will be able to enjoy internet browsing feeling secured and protected.

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Avoid leaving browsing tips

This is often a problem with many people; they log in to private information and leave it online or forget to log out. Another mistake is accepting the internet to remember the password for easy access next time. This makes you an easy target to hack. In order to avoid this, make sure you sign out each time and delete your browser history after you are done.

Avoid public Wi-Fi

Most public Wi-Fi is a trap to lure in people and hack them. Whenever you are connected to a public network, avoid using your confidential information such as emails and passwords. You should also avoid shopping online.

There are so many ways to keep safe and free from hacks. You need to enjoy the internet without worry or fear of possible hacks. In order to learn more about this, visit 8bit Sumo website for more information.

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