Top 7 Modern Home Office Designs

Working from home has become a popular option for most people. One of the biggest disadvantages of working from home is sometimes it can be monotonous especially if the setting is less motivating. Whether the office space is located in the corner, an annex or just a small bedroom, there are certain essentials you should consider to make it more comfortable and inviting.

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Here are some home office designs you can utilize in your current home setting too:

1 3D design

Instead of shoving your desk against the wall, you can make use of every angle in the space. You can place the desk at the middle and utilize the walls by attaching storage shelves. This is a stylish yet functional design especially for those who work with partners or require extra seats for clients.

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2 Family focus design

This design is ideal for a busy family. A line of a matching desk is put against the wall which also features storage units. This kind of design helps to make the room appear open and provide sufficient working space for each member of the family.

3 Bonus space

You can convert a cluttered closet into a functional work station by removing the doors and installing floating shelves at the waist level. Also, you can add smaller shelves above the work station to act as storage spaces or display favourite items.

4 Distinctive desk

In this style, a space-conscious desk is required. The desk is free from bulky elements and therefore suitable for a double-duty room. It features a simple yet stunning frame that can also be used as an inspiration board in future projects. You can also create a custom storage unit next to the workspace.

5 Organise the desk

You can use an old box to keep small items separated and contained on the desk surface. Create different compartments to hold different items used every day such as paper clips, pens or notes. This helps to neatly hold things together and to keep the space significantly less cluttered.

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6 Vintage pieces

If you have a vintage vanity, you can give it a paint job and use it as a work station. It is a perfect design for those with limited space to spare. You can set the desk against the wall and even add some storage shelves.

7 Dramatic desk

A long desk placed against the wall can create sufficient working space for two or more people. A convenient file cabinet can be used to separate the space and keep essentials organised.

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