Uber, Bolt, Yango and other ride hailing cars to be issued special identifier stickers

The Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) has placed an annual fee on drivers of Uber, Bolt, Taxify which will enable DVLA to regulate the affairs of these innovation-driven transport organizations.

The DVLA in partnerships with higher key stakeholders have been introduced to check the activities of such digital operations. This initiation will also cover companies and organizations who in the future will plan to operate ride-hailing platforms in Ghana.

Both the existing and future owners of these ride-hailing platforms will be expected to present documents of their vehicle at the Headquarters of DVLA for verification.

As part of the new guideline by the DVLA, if special identifier stickers will be given to the vehicles to paste it on the windscreen of their vehicle once they have been verified and has passed through the necessary process done by the DVLA.

Kwasi Agyeman Busia, the CEO of DVLA, made it known in a speech that, all the ride-sharing services will need to renew their roadworthiness certificate twice a year to enable them to smoothly run their business in the country.

He said, ‘’we allow commercial vehicles to have roadworthy renewals twice a year, so now they have to do that because now they use those of private cars for commercial. They need to be insured. There will be a sticker that will make them identifiable for all Uber, Taxify and all other digital transports. By the beginning of the first quarter in 2019, we will turn it on full steam whereby both Uber and Taxify and all digital transport will be regulated.’’

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