uLesson Education Develops Junior High School Library

Nigeria’s Ed-tech start-up, uLesson Education Limited, has extended the content library on the uLesson app to include lessons for Junior Secondary School students. This new library went live on the uLesson app on July 7, 2020.

The uLesson app launched in March 2020, with a Senior High School library, covering Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. With this update, the app now provides students in Junior High school access to curriculum-relevant content in Basic Technology and Design, Integrated Science, Mathematics and Business Studies.

Speaking on the introduction of the junior secondary library, Founder and CEO of uLesson Education Limited, Sim Shagaya stressed, “The launch of the junior library is in harmony with our goal as an organization to help students maximize their academic potential and prepare for a future in various disciplines. The digital age is quickly shaping the education landscape and the way students learn. It is our goal at uLesson to leverage this digital transformation to provide learning tools that will help students learn in a simpler and more effective manner.”

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“Like the Senior School library, the Junior School library has been richly designed in scope, interactivity, and effectiveness in line with the West African Secondary School curriculum. We have taken steps to provide best-in-class lessons delivered by expert tutors to ensure that learners get only the best learning experience”, Shagaya continued.

Vice President, Learner Experience and Growth, uLesson Education, Manji Cheto said the new library addresses a deep client need. She stated, “we pride ourselves as a company that listens to and anticipates customer needs, and then acts quickly to respond to these concerns. The release of our junior secondary library is a great example of this. Customers made it overwhelmingly clear that this is what they wanted from us and so, we are proud to deliver this in the timeframe that we have”.

The uLesson app employs a simple and personalized approach to learning, leveraging a mix of media and technology to provide engaging lessons and quizzes to promote deep understanding of a subject matter and continued learning for students. uLesson is setting up a platform to revolutionize the way students learn and study for their exams. The Company plans to involve more subjects and features in the coming months.


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