UN Campaigns with ‘bodyright’ symbol against online violence

The United Nations has launched an anti-gender-based violence campaign on the internet. The symbol, â, was launched last week thursday and can be added to various social media posts.

The symbol seeks to highlight that corporate logos and copyrighted Intellectual Property often receive greater protection online than people.

UN’s population agency UNFPA said they had realised the need to protect women, young people, ethnic minotites and the LGTB communities against online violence hence the reason for this campaign.

“Everyone has the right to live free of fear and violence — both online and offline,” UFNPA executive director Natalia Kanem said.

“It’s time for technology companies and policymakers to take digital violence seriously.”

Globally, it is estimated that about 85% of women experience or witness some form of digital violence. The poll which was conducted by Economist Intelligence Unit also showed that among these 38% have actually suffered from digital violence.


The UNFPA encompasses online violence as cyberstalking, hate speech, doxxing — publishing private information about an individual — and non-consensual use of images and video such as deepfakes.

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It said the symbol represented a demand that “images of our bodies are given the same respect and protection online as copyright gives to music, film and even corporate logos.”

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