UR FOG, The fastest Security System

Right Consult & General Suppliers Limited (RCGSL), Ghana in partnership with UR FOG Italy has released a new and sophisticated security system into the Ghanaian market called UR FOG. UR FOG is an anti-theft intrusion security technology designed to inhibit visibility to protect properties and lives in the case of robbery attack.

The product certified as safe, reliable and not dangerous for humans and animals, has the fastest, most dense fog emission that can easily be set without main power. Thanks to the standard BUS and protocol on the electronic board, UR FOG is easy to maintain and has low power consumption starting from 37W.

According to the performance of this product, UR FOG as a fogging system is versatile with a proprietary technology that grants extraordinary protection as well as other peculiarities that make the fogging system the safest and most secure. While all businesses in high-crime areas can benefit from a monitored security system, in some cases you may need to couple this with a more robust fogging system such as UR FOG.

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What Is Fogging Security System and How Does it Work?

Fogging (Security Smoke) is a thermally generated white smoke, aimed at inhibiting intruders from accessing items to steal. Much used in the storage of high-value goods and recommended by police and insurers, UR FOG consists of glycol or glycerin mixed with distilled water, which vaporizes and then condenses in the air.


Its blinding effect causes intruders not to see nor find their way around in the area, making them visually impaired as long as they are in the room. This causes them to barely find their way, out of the room or go back from where they came from.

UR FOG is an integrated security system with an intrusion alarm system and CCTV that informs you about an ongoing crime, the camera will let you see the process, whiles the fogging emission will cause impaired vision thereby protecting lives and properties.

It is connected to an existing alarm system, sensors or panic button that gives a signal. When the thief enters the premises and the alarm system triggers, the fog machine receives the signal and starts the emission of a very dense fog just in seconds.

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‘The idea is, what is not possible to see is not possible to steal’- Mr Godwin Akuamoah, CEO, RCGSL.

Why Fogging Systems Are Needed?

There are a variety of reasons why you might find the need for an extra level of security. From making sure your home and family are secure to ensuring your own personal safety in specific situations, taking appropriate precautions can truly be a lifesaver and save you financial headaches.

According to statistics, every robbery in a shop or house takes less than 3 minutes to be committed. For this reason, it is always necessary to have an additional system that can disorient and stop intruders in the first seconds of attempted theft.

In a case where the police usually need at least 10 minutes to arrive at crime scenes, it is important to have extra level protection. This is because the time interval before the police get to the crime scene is often enough to commit any kind of crime as burglars already know where to go. But with the fog security systems, your valuables are protected from the first few seconds of crime because they wouldn’t be able to find their way within the premises as a result of the blinding effect of the Fogging system.

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Fog is the most effective, innovative, active protection and best performing security system on the market. It is the new reality on the market of fogging security systems that provide robust and safest protection.

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