Vodafone Ghana announce more exciting offers for Subscribers

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There is no doubt Vodafone Ghana is one of the best telecommunication networks in Ghana and Vodafone Ghana today, has announced one of the biggest fixed broadband among their other numerous exciting broadband offers for its customers.

This exciting offer is expected to be the most interesting experience ahead of other networks across the country. This offer gives more data, unlimited calls for landlines in the evening and weekends and also enables customers to extend their broadband data with up to four mobile devices.

Customers on the Vodafone One Family Plan will now enjoy up to 100GB extra data and this will be good news for us the customers who are movie and music lovers while those on standard packages get up to 80GB extra data and this is a good news for us the customers that would want to do more than browsing, communicating and social networking.

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Pushpinder Gujral, Consumer Business Director at Vodafone Ghana said, ‘’ we are excited about giving our customers more value to enable them to do more at home with their families. Customers can now stream their favourite games, watch their favourite TV programme, download movies and catch up on all that they missed on social media during the day. We also want them to call and connect with friends and family without worrying about cost, at the same time as we empower them to share their data with others. These extra allocations have been introduced to enrich the experience on the network.’’

Customers who are already on Vodafone Fixed Broadband packages are enjoying this interesting experience. New customers can also get to join and enjoy this great experience and offers by visiting any Vodafone Retail shop across the country or by via their online portals on www.fbb.vodafone.com.gh or through a sales agent.

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