Vodafone Gives Comprehensive Relief Packages To Ghanaians Amid Covid-19 Outbreak

Vodafone Ghana’s comprehensive COVID-19 response plan is helping the country combat the global pandemic and reduce its effect on clients and businesses.

The several unique initiatives enshrined in the plan are currently addressing specific needs of Ghanaians during this crucial fight.


Commenting on the various initiatives, Madam Patricia Obo-Nai, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) said, “In such difficult times, our customers and Ghanaians look up to us for leadership, comfort and direction. We know what is required and are committed to easing the burden for all as we also continue to reinforce our position as the brand that cares in Ghana.”

She stressed that measures are in place to support our clients; strengthen our network to provide constant connectivity at all times; support government policies; and drive awareness. Our enterprise unit is also providing businesses with the needed tools to enjoy mobility as more organisations work from home.

Ensuring Public Awareness

Being aware of the importance of timely and accurate information to the general public, Vodafone uses its various platforms including social media and text alerts for sending critical information on COVID-19.

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In addition to that, the Telco has collaborated with the Ghana Health Service (GHS) to extend its public education and awareness in the various regions by producing radio jingles and TV adverts in the various languages.


Promoting Uninterrupted Education

Vodafone hopes that technology has assumed greater importance for delivering important services including education during this period. This is why the telecommunications giant is giving students and learners across all levels of education, free access to a plethora of educational websites and e-learning platforms via the Vodafone network.

This free initiative ensures that young citizens in schools and universities across the country continue their studies uninterrupted. Vodafone is currently assisting 50 educational institutions across the country.

Moreover, the Instant Schools virtual learning platform – www.instantschools.vodafone.com.gh from Vodafone Ghana Foundation provides free access on the Vodafone network to a wide range of educational materials for Ghanaian students. This covers English, Science, Math and a variety of other subjects.

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