Vokacom Limited, Now Afrifanom Limited

Vokacom Limited, Ghana’s premier IT company has disclosed its new name, Afrifanom Limited.

The name change according to the company is designed to reflect the transformation and growth of the firm whilst staying true to its African Heritage.


“This rebranding effort is a clear reflection of our identity, commonality, and unstoppable drive to dominate Africa,” the company emphasized in a statement.

“The values of the company still remain Accountability, Innovation, Can-do, and Excellence,” the company added.

Along with this name change, Afrifanom has developed a new company logo.

A new website will be rolled out in January 2021, according to the company.


For marketing and branding purposes, Afrifanom will commence referring to itself under the new corporate name.

“More importantly, Afrifanom would like to assure all its stakeholders that the change of name will not affect the nature, staff, and board of the company, all documents and business interests bearing the former name still hold valid,” the company added in the statement.

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