Volkswagen likely to expand it’s ride hailing service to Ghana

Volkswagen, the german reputable company with one of their head offices in South Africa in their recent summit has decided to expand its ride-hailing business to Ghana. This will enable them to assemble cars in the country. This statement was said by the head of the company’s African division.

Recently, the company launched it’s app-driven ‘Move’ service using Rwanda’s capital Kigali as their initial testing ground which they are hoping will help them to delve into Africa’s large automobile market.

It is believed income and consumer aspirations in the Africa automobile market are fast-rising, therefore, making renowned companies in the automobile business like Nissan, Toyota, Honda and the others seeking to penetrate the market.

According to Thomas Schaefer, ‘’In January, there is going to be the decision on how we get the mobility company setup in Ghana which will make a sensible service. Is it the data we now have from Rwanda is super valuable”.

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The company will begin assembling Teramont, Tiguan and Passat models by the end of this calendar year in Ghana in a plant which is believed to hold an initial capacity of 5000 cars per year. Since we already have a low passenger sales due to lack of finance and imported cheaper cars, the government approved a new automotive policy in August which was made to encourage more automobile companies to invest in Ghana and will help to improve petrol and diesel quality by also washing away the old and used cars and help build stable finance.

The company will be exporting two-thirds of these new vehicles this year. Works have started in the head company in South Africa where they began their journey and has so far produced as far as 62,000 cars and 100,000 engines all in this year.

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