Waec Bans The Use Of Ict Tools To Prevent Examination Malpractices

In an effort to help prevent examination malpractice in the country, the West African Examination Council (WAEC) has denounced the use of ICT facilities during examinations.

Over the years, WAEC has been faced with uncountable examination malpractice cases in the country and thus, has denounced the use of ICT tools during exams.

The influence of new technologies and social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp are some major tools boosting these acts. Students are able to easily spread and access leaked questions via the said platforms and WAEC through their researches has accused these ICT facilities of helping in examination malpractices.

Therefore, WAEC seeks assistance from the government to totally shut down internet connectivity during such examination period to curtail these acts.

Rev Victor Brew, Head of Legal at the WAEC, said the usage of such facilities during examination time is beyond their expectations even though the WAEC law anticipated electronic fraud.

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He said, “Some of the websites convince the candidates that the operators of the site work with WAEC and even go as far as to promise that the results of the candidates can be changed,”


He said these illegal activities have become a challenge for WAEC in their effort in fighting examination malpractice since the scam activities these bad people provide are well-managed schemes with the idea that examination questions, answers and even grades could be changed for the students at a fee.

Rev. Brew said the means of deception employed by the crooks in former times was by manual processes, where someone got the examination paper and photocopied it for distribution, but now it goes beyond all that.

“With the involvement of ICT, a picture is taken and is spread rapidly through online sharing. Also with ICT, getting the information typed and sent out on Facebook and WhatsApp gives people the impression that it can be easy to cheat and get away with it,” he said.

He expressed his dissatisfaction on theses practices and called on the public to help and assist the council to deal with examination malpractices by dealing with these bad people if possible or bring the council attention if anyone knows of any trace leading to the abode of these people.

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