A walkthrough of all the devices announced at the Made By Google event

The leaks got it right this time but it’s probably because the pixel 3 was used to take the cover photos of 7 magazine covers. The pixel 3 was unveiled with the leaked pixel slate and the all-new Google Home Hub.

Titan security is the next step Google is taking in order to protect it’s customers data and has a chip on all devices rolling out this year.

The Google home hub was introduced with the family home in mind. It comes with a 7-inch screen and surprisingly no camera which Google said was to protect privacy. It is voice activated in order to aid cooking in the kitchen when both hands are full. It also has an ambient EQ which can adjust to the room lighting.


It connects to over 10,000 smart devices in order to works as the core of the home and thus can be used to turn off the light in the living room, adjust the temperature and lock the door. The Google home hub can be controlled using Google home on a smartphone and when it’s not in use it shows clear pictures of the family or whoever you ask from Google photos.

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The Pixel Slate was next up in line and sports a 12.3-inch panel with plenty of bezels to boot. It comes with the improved Chrome OS launched earlier in the year.


It is thin and light with a 293 ppi and dual front-facing cameras which are promised to give a “pitch high and clear low”.

It updates automatically which is stress-free, comes with a Gsuite in replacement of Microsoft office has a Titan security chip. The power button doubles as a fingerprint scanner and the slate come with an accessory keyboard which is good to go as in some as connected and a pixel pen.

The pixel phones though widely leaked was the highlight of the event as everyone wanted to see how good the camera was and Google lived up to its name.

Both pixels come with “chins” and while smaller sized pixel 3 comes with another top bezel, the pixel 3 XL comes with a notch as seen in the leak. It also has dual front-facing speakers which are 40% louder than last year’s Pixel 2 The pixel comes with a new Titan security chip and a visual core chip to produce better image quality.

The front cameras ( as there are two now) now take wider scope when taking group pictures which Google calls group selfie mode. The back camera has an integrated Google lens feature which Google claims can be used without data though not for everything I believe.


There is a Night mode for taking great low light pictures without needing a flash, a photo booth mode where the camera takes pictures when you make a funny face and playground mode where animations such as Marvel characters and an exclusive pixel childish Gambino character can be added to pictures.

There is also a top shot mode where a series of pictures are taken and the best one is picked to avoid missing just the right moment. Portrait mode is improved and now you can change the focus of the picture or dull out the background. Google also promises unlimited Google photos storage.

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