We Will Make Ghana A Tech Hub By 2030 – Ghana Tech Summit Founder

Chairman of the Ghana Tech Summit, Einstein Ntim has planned to transform Ghana into a technology hub that will help solve unemployment problems in the country within a decade.

Based on his speech, Ghana will become one of the liveliest tech and innovation hub to resolve collective challenges in a sustainable and efficient way by 2030.

Speaking at the Ghana Tech Summit in Accra, Mr Ntim encouraged local companies and the government to keep up with tech and innovation trends for efficiency and productivity.

He remarked, “Right now if you look across Africa, there is huge unemployment taking place and the only way we can truly scale rapidly enough is to leverage technology. Every company is supposed to be a tech-enabled company, every government is supposed to become a tech-enabled government. So it’s to teach people how to leverage technology to accelerate what they are doing. So we thought if we bring that concept to Ghana and help Ghana transform, we can help things accelerate and provide employment for young people across the country.”

The UK-based entrepreneur also hopes that leveraging on innovation is crucial to the advancement of society as it solves social challenges and enhances society’s capacity to act.

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He also revealed that a 20 million-dollar fund by the Africa Future Fund, which seeks to invest in tech companies across the African continent.


He went on further to note, the aim is about becoming independent and self-reliant as a country and not all about the money.

In continuation, he said, “It’s not all about the money it’s about how you get your company value. It’d about your routine, how you get spaces. So I think the Ghanaian entrepreneur has a long way to go and it is not up to them alone. It’s up to the ecosystem proving the support and network including facilities, legal firms, and stock exchanges.”

Recounting his experience on how he was able to make money as a growing young man he revealed, “If you are on a full-time job, you can actually make more gain on the background. For me, I was able to pay for my university fees by trading on my phone. The idea is that we have so much resource around us and the cost of is much less than what it used to be.”

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