Web Technology A Platform For Job Establishment – Darko-Mensah

Kwabena Okyere Darko-Mensah, the Western Regional Minister, has urged the youth to form stronger partnerships to empower their talents in the field of entrepreneurship.

He stated that the most crucial thing that could support the country was for the young people to take a positive lead, which comes through learning and sharing of ideas in a more innovative manner that can solve societal challenges.

Darko-Mensah was addressing consultative stakeholders meeting in Takoradi on the “Role of Web Technology for Digital Transformation of the Local Economy for Job Creation and Economic Development”.

The programme was introduced by International Conference on Open and Distance Education (ICODE), Tech Firm in the Metropolis with support from Ghana TechLab, Young Africa Works, the World Bank and the Ministry of Communications to empower young people to establish jobs and help develop their talents.

Digitization, he said, affected every aspect of human life and urged the youth who were into this sort of entrepreneurship to try to solve societal problems.

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“The introduction of digital technologies has triggered the creation of new business models and revenue streams. Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), cloud archives, and the Internet of Things (IoT), accelerate transformation, while fundamental technologies such as data management and analysis are needed to analyze the huge amounts of data that result from digital transformation. Although technology and computing have been present in our daily lives for decades, the concept of digital transformation is relatively new though it has popularized the use of the Internet”, he stressed.


The Project Lead at LogigTech, Nana Baisie, during a panel discussion, stressed that the global COVID-19 pandemic has disclosed deficiencies in Web Technology and digital transformation and equally taught how certain breakthrough would not have been achieved without certain Web Technologies, describing it as a boom season in the Web Development Sector.

“Without the appropriate Web Technologies most of the things we are able to do and we are able to achieve today would not have been possible,” he added.

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The Programmes Manager at ICODE, Ms Phoebe Addison, emphasized: “one of the most difficult issues in digital transformation visualization was the execution of the process aside obstacles such as budgets, finding talents and cultural changes”.

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