What does RiNG technology mean for gambling?

RiNG technology stands for Random and Insured Number Generator and is one of the most innovative and efficient ways to deliver lottery services online. The developer behind RiNG is Lottoland and the success of this product is largely based on its insurance. Lottoland first introduced its scratchcards in 2018, where the users get the town up to $10 million, which is the highest sum any similar service offers.


How Lottoland is changing the lottery industry

Lottoland uses price insurance models for their scratch cars and since it uses insurance it allows for instant win games and such huge prizes. Customers who use Lottoland’s scratchcard know that all their possible wins are insurance by the company’s proven insurance infrastructure. This is a gamechanger for the industry and actually, it can be used for B2B and B2G customers as well.

Lottoland is more than open to share its technology with other casino operators who want to ensure their prizes but most importantly be able to afford them when the time comes. They would have to get insurance through Lottoland, which is why the company is so open to sharing its technology.

RiNG technology ensures that online gambling sites can offer better odds than the traditional scratch cards would and the chance of winning is 1 in 1.7. This is setting a new industry standard that will likely be adopted by other venues as well. This approach promotes more security and is capable of changing the way the whole gambling community approaches the lottery concept and it could set an example for others to follow.


The executives behind Lottoland are very excited and proud of their development with The head of Corporate Affairs at Lottoland, Laura Pearson is confident that their launch will drive innovations within the whole sectors.

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How does the RiNG work

The RiNG might sound simple upon first impression but it is actually a complicated combination of traditional technology merged with innovations. As the name suggests the Hardware Random Number Generator “Quantis Appliance” delivers quantum randomness, while the two instances installed for failover and redundancy.

The technology uses a certified RiNG Application built on the base of the future driver technology stack and it has also adopted a Multi-layer protected and secured environment with a trusted time-stamping mechanism that guarantees tamper-proof results.

The combination of these technologies is what allows the RiNG to proceed with the wins instantly while also underwriting the prize under Lottoland’s insurance. There are additional security measures that ensure that the process runs smoothly.

The need for more dependable gambling technology has been there for years. It has happened far to often that a winner is entitled to a huge prize, but the casino hasn’t bought out the prize yet. When the legitimacy of the set prize is dependant on the contributions of gamblers it puts the winner at risk of possibly being denied his prize, maybe for the time being maybe forever. The need for this technology is very apparent and it could drastically shift the industry to serve their customers better and with more security.

The most important aspect of RiNG is, of course, its random numbers generator and it should not be confused with the algorithm. The number generator determines the numbers from hardware, by measuring physical phenomena like atmospheric noise and changes it into electrical signals.

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This hardware generates a long series of random bits to form a number and it is the same technology that is used in cryptography. It is more secure than being dependant on an algorithm. To further elevate the security level of the technology, Lottoland came up with Intel chips, that include hardware-based random number generators known as RdRand. The chip uses a selective information source and sends random numbers to the software after the software requests them.

The new industry standard

This innovative technology is already getting the feedback and the request from other gambling venues to work with them, at least according to the CEO of the company Nigel Birrell, and they all want to offer lotto betting services to their customers.

The Gambling industry has done well for itself over the last decades but now it’s time to promote a more responsible approach and to eliminate the major risk factors as much as possible. This innovation feels like a first substantial step in this direction and it will likely create a trend that the biggest developers in the industry will follow.

It is one of those cases when the gambler and the venue itself can benefit from this change and make gambling an overall more satisfying experience. This trend will likely continue and won’t lose momentum since the demand for high quality and risk-free services is very high.

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Lottoland has become a pioneer in this regard and since it is willing to work with others and has no plans to keep this innovative technology to itself it is likely to spread very quickly. This more secure way to get involved in lotteries is definitely a first step in the right direction.

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